Tire Dressing

Car care is a year around task. As you wash away the grime of winter, and the pollen and raindrops of spring, take some time to treat your tires to some extra care. As the days gets longer and the pavement gets hotter, it is important to protect the part of your car that is

SoCal Mobile Detailing and Wax

With the rising blistering heat of Summer also comes an important task of car ownership –  waxing. As the sun’s harmful rays beat down upon your car, the heat causes the paint to expand, and this daily abuse causes a break down of a car’s paint job. Heat can cause extreme stress on the paint

professional auto detailing service

Auto detailing is the process of precisely cleaning the inside and outside of a vehicle to produce a high quality look. It can improve appearance and help preserve the resale value of the car down the road. Regular auto detailing is something every car owner should do frequently throughout the year to all of their

San Diego Car Interior Cleaning

Nothing is more frustrating than spilling something while driving. The immediate burden of the situation goes away rather quickly; you clean yourself off, or pick up whatever fell, and forget about it. The one thing you don’t think about, unfortunately, is the stain left in your car. Coffee, markers, makeup, juice, soda, and lotions can

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how to remove brake dust

Bright, shiny rims look beautiful on any car. Unfortunately, rims and tires are especially susceptible to dust from the car’s brakes. Nothing screams “clean me” more than dull rims caked with dust. Luckily, it is relatively easy to keep the buildup to a minimum, and removing any buildup that does occur is usually a simple