professional auto detailing service

Auto detailing is the process of precisely cleaning the inside and outside of a vehicle to produce a high quality look. It can improve appearance and help preserve the resale value of the car down the road. Regular auto detailing is something every car owner should do frequently throughout the year to all of their

San Diego Car Interior Cleaning

Nothing is more frustrating than spilling something while driving. The immediate burden of the situation goes away rather quickly; you clean yourself off, or pick up whatever fell, and forget about it. The one thing you don’t think about, unfortunately, is the stain left in your car. Coffee, markers, makeup, juice, soda, and lotions can

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how to remove brake dust

Bright, shiny rims look beautiful on any car. Unfortunately, rims and tires are especially susceptible to dust from the car’s brakes. Nothing screams “clean me” more than dull rims caked with dust. Luckily, it is relatively easy to keep the buildup to a minimum, and removing any buildup that does occur is usually a simple

car detailing 101

    Car wash and auto detail aren’t the most sophisticated skills on earth. But that doesn’t mean you can trust just anyone to do them properly. Simply because someone has some water and soap doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to let them near your vehicle. As a general rule, you should try your best to

Mobile Detailing

When one is buying a used car, they look for many things; for instance, how well it runs, mileage, and cosmetic defects. All of these things can affect the value of the car, but doing something as simple as cleaning and detailing the vehicle before selling can help the seller bring in their top-dollar asking price. Whether a professional mobile auto detailing service does it or the seller chooses to do this himself or herself, it will make a good impression and pay off immensely in the final sale. For the do-it-yourselfers, here are a few tips to get down to the last detail and maximize your pay-off.

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