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Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an innovational and modern method of removing dents from a motor vehicle. It uses a variety of techniques, and can be used in a vast amount of instances, only excluding damage to the actual paint. PDR has become one of the most common methods for removing dents, and rightfully so,

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Before You Sell… Auto Detail!

Thursday, 18 September 2014 by
san diego car detailing

Tips to Receiving Top Value For Your Car Preparing your vehicle for sale with a checklist can guarantee you cover all the bases in that preparation. In order to receive top book value for your vehicle, always use one to get maximum results. Routine Maintenance A reputable mechanic should do an oil change, other fluid

Tire Dressing

Car care is a year around task. As you wash away the grime of winter, and the pollen and raindrops of spring, take some time to treat your tires to some extra care. As the days gets longer and the pavement gets hotter, it is important to protect the part of your car that is

SoCal Mobile Detailing and Wax

With the rising blistering heat of Summer also comes an important task of car ownership –  waxing. As the sun’s harmful rays beat down upon your car, the heat causes the paint to expand, and this daily abuse causes a break down of a car’s paint job. Heat can cause extreme stress on the paint

professional auto detailing service

Auto detailing is the process of precisely cleaning the inside and outside of a vehicle to produce a high quality look. It can improve appearance and help preserve the resale value of the car down the road. Regular auto detailing is something every car owner should do frequently throughout the year to all of their