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Auto Detailing: How Nano-technology Will Change Auto Detailing Forever

March 5, 2013

For decades, we’ve heard that nano technology will change the world. From medical applications to aerospace to the auto detailing, nano technology has promised to improve efficiencies, reduce weight, and make everything better.

Unfortunately, like a lot of technological hype, the promise of change is often more enticing than the reality of change. While prognosticators were quick to predict wide-ranging changes, the reality is that nano-technology is coming along in fits and starts.


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Glove Box Light: May the Light Source Be With You!

February 18, 2013

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glove box light

I can still see myself as a kid walking around the house thinking Dad, why do you need this light on tvgroup. generic baclofen 10 mg, baclofen 20 mg street price , acheter baclofen does generic baclofen look like buy baclofen online, baclofen meccanismo ? As kids we’re like big cats with infra-red night vision – we don’t need no stinking lights! I recall a health teacher telling me about what happens to our night vision as we get older, but who paid attention to all that cautionary pap?

Now my rods and cones issues have caught up with me.

I could go into a detailed explanation about the retina and how rods are critical for night vision and they diminish over time, but…


All I really want is a fix.

Night driving is an adventure. For a recent camping trip in the mountains we left after work which meant a healthy dose of driving in the dark to get to our campground. The stark glare of oncoming headlights on the highway gives those rods and cones a brisk workout. Adapting to it and keeping an eye out for hazards gets tricky. It’s like I’m in a huge video game, only it’s Game Over and I’m losing. But the real fun happens when we reach the campground.

When my friends ask me what camping is all about my stock answer is it’s about trying to find stuff. Add darkness into the mix and it’s that much harder. After amateur attempts at trying to unload gear and pitch a tent with flashlights I had to bang to get a beam out of, I finally invested in a propecia 1 month cheap propecia glove box light. And that has made all the difference.

We rolled into our spot after midnight. No problem. I pressed the switch and let there be light! We could see the best place to put up the tent, I didn’t trip over that fire rock that’s always in the middle of the site, and what used to take forever only took a little while. When we finished it was time for a beer and now that I had enough light I could find it (and even the bottle opener). And airing down the tires was no major production – the handheld light’s magnet made it mountable so I could see exactly what I was doing.


The stars are great to gaze at when you’re camping, but if I ever need to use my winch or fix something in the dark I like to know I’ve got it covered. To have a reliable light source on the trail is to be truly illuminated. Who knew that when pops left that light on he was really giving me a glimpse of my future?

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David B. is a staff writer for 4WD

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Cash In – Detail Your Car Before You Sell It.

January 29, 2013

Used Car Detailing Did the endless holiday commercials featuring people getting a shiny new car inspire you to trade in your current ride for something more snazzy?
If you are considering getting rid of the old to make way for the new car, you’ve got to detail your car!


The following five tips can help you sell your current vehicle for the least amount of hassle and the most amount of money.  Assuming you don’t want to pass down your vehicle to your grateful teenager or trade it in at the dealership, visit a buy here pay here car dealer to see if you can get a good price by selling it to them. Before you go there:


Pretend You’re the Buyer

While we often overlook the dings and dents our cars have collected over the years, potential buyers will notice them immediately. The Kelley Blue Book article suggests examining your car like you are the buyer. Check out the tires, start the car and operate all of the knobs, and run the air conditioning. If something is not working properly, fix it, or understand that it will reduce the amount you can get for your car.

Clean It… Better Yet, “Detail It”

Make the car presentable to the closest you can get to when you bought it. Vacuum up the hair, check the tires, empty the ashtray and get rid of the loose change and trash. Empty the trunk, check the fluids  oil, brake and windshield  and get the car washed and even waxed. Ideally you should call a Professional Auto Detailing Service to detail the vehicle for you.

People considering buying a pre-owned vehicle love to see plenty of photos of the car. Snap dozens of shots, including the entire exterior and interior of the car. In addition to giving potential buyers plenty of good visual information about your car, posting multiple photos also shows that you are not keeping any secrets about its condition.

Be Honest

Kelley Blue Book states, before you come up with a price for your car, take the time to do an honest assessment of its value. Many sellers think their car is a lot nicer than it truly is, and most buyers are pretty adept at spotting issues, so try to look at it with a neutral eye when judging any of its problems or flaws. The Kelley Blue Book website features a Condition Quiz that can help people accurately assess the shape their car is in.

Advertise Everywhere

And if you decide not to use a dealer to trade-in your car, sell your car yourself. According to Manheim Consulting, more than 11 million cars are sold to people from people every year. And nearly 40 million used cars are sold each year, three times the number of new cars.

Most private sellers post their cars online, according to ABC News. Free sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are great options. Since the goal is to get as many people as possible to know your car is for sale, dont be shy about posting For Sale signs in various locations. Hang them up at the grocery store, local Starbucks, and anywhere else that has a message board. Put a sign in the cars window that includes both your phone number and the asking price for the vehicle.


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Wash-n-Wax: How Often Should I Wax My Car???

January 28, 2013


Wax my car

Some people say that one should wax there car every time after washing the car, and should wash your car at least once a month. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but you really do not need to wax it that often. It is true that your car will look great if you do this, but it is a little bit of overkill and not completely necessary. Let’s talk more about wash-n-wax.


Wax Every Other Wash

You definitely should wash your car once a month, especially in the snowy climates, to protect it and keep it looking nice, but the truth is that if you wax it every time you are just wasting wax. Wax last longer on a vehicle, and if you use it too often you are just caking on more wax without any real benefit. If you are washing your car once a month, it is ideal to wax it every other wash. By doing every other month you maintain a healthy shine, protect your car form chemicals and the sun, and are not needlessly wasting money by over waxing. Waxing every other time is the perfect way to make sure that you car stays looking great without having to set aside a second savings account just for your wax budget. 

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Auto Detailing Tips on How to Remove Your Kids’ Stains – Auto Interior Stain Removal

January 7, 2013

Auto Detailing KidsChildren are a blessing– a messy, messy blessing.  Between snacks on the go and muddy shoes, our vehicles are a tally mark of every soccer game and play group we’ve been to.  But a family car doesn’t have to be a grungy.  Combat those pesky spots with our handy tips on kid-related auto interior stain removal.




How to Remove the Most Common Kid-Stains from Fabric Upholstery

Fabric seats make for the easiest cleanup, but you should always check your owner’s manual and test where can i get  a small hidden area before tackling big stains.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to removing the most common kid-stains.

Milk:  You can only pass so many sippy cups to the backseat before you’re faced with the inevitable spill.

1.    Blot the spill with a paper towel.  Never rub the spill because it will only smear the stain and make it worse.

2.   Dab a penny size dollop of bleach-free dishwashing soap on your finger and spread it over the affected area.

3.   Spray the area with a mister bottle of water until its considerably wet and let soak for 1 hour.

4.   After the soap has set, mist the area again and blot by heavy pressure.  Continue to rinse and bloat until the milk and soap are removed and the area is only slightly damp.

Juice.  When juice spills, you need to act on the stain immediately.

1.    Blot the stain with a clean cloth to remove as much juice a possible.  Do not scrub!  You’ll make the stain bigger.

2.   Mix one teaspoon neutral bleach-free detergent with 1 teaspoon white vinegar and 1 quart cold water.

3.   Moisten a clean cloth with the cleaning solution and blot it onto the stain.

4.   Repeat until your achieve your desired result then blot dry.  Allow the spot to air dry.

Mud:  Little feet get in big adventures.  If you try and tackle mud smears while they’re still wet, you’ll just make it worse.

1.    Let the mud dry and vacuum up as much as you can.

2.   Use a scrubbing brush to loose up ground in dirt.

3.   Vacuum and repeat until the stain it gone.

Bodily Fluids:  It’s gross, but it definitely happens.  If your child gets sick in the car, the stomach acid in their vomit could result in a permanent stain.

1.   Clean up as much of the fluid and solids as possible.

2.   Place down a thick layer of paper towels followed up a layer of newspaper and apply pressure for 1 minute.  Remove the padding and repeat until the area is slightly damp.

3.   Mix 1/4 cup ammonia with 1 cup warm water.

4.   Use a clean washcloth or sponge to wipe down the stained area, blotting off extra fluid with each go.
Repeat as needed.

5.   Sprinkle baking soda generously over the area and rub it in.  This will help to neutralize the odor and remove   excess moisture.   Allow the baking soda to sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum.

6.   Rinse the area with warm, clean water.  Blot excess moisture off with a clean rag.

What to Do If You Have Stained Vinyl Seats

Every manufacturer uses a different vinyl and leather treatments for their seats.  Many “professional grade” cleaning products can actually damage your seats by over drying (which leads to cracks) or damage the pigment that gives your interior its color.  To clean vinyl seats, mix 3 or 4 order  with no prescription!  no pres drops of Ivory dish-washing liquid in a bowl of warm water.  Use a clean cloth to wipe down the seats and another to dry them.  If this doesn’t take care of your stain, contact a professional cleaning service to avoid further damage.  For leather seats, contact a professional interior detailing service.  You’re better off having stains treated properly the first time.

The key to any successful stain removal is to move quickly!  If you’re ever unsure or the stain isn’t coming out like you’d hope, contact a professional interior detailing service and ask about their stain and odor removal services.  By maintaining you interior, you’ll protect your investment.  Who knows?  Maybe your kids will thank you when you pass them the best prices for all customers!

Author Gib Goodrich thinks keeping cars tidy and stain-free can be challenging at times. He is the man behind; Honda Parts Online provides OEM Honda parts at discount prices.


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Buying a new car should be fun and not a headache.

December 26, 2012

Tips on buying a new car.Take the pain out of your new car purchase. 

Buying a car is the second biggest purchase in everyone’s life after the purchase of their dream home. Given that, you have to make sure you follow some very important rules when purchasing a new vehicle. The effects of committing a mistake during this process can have a great impact on your future. Here are a few tips to help you make the process a little less painful.



Know your requirements: Before going to a showroom you have to determine which type of vehicle you are actually hunting for, it could be a car, SUV or mini-van. There are many factors to be considered while determining the vehicle that makes best sense for you and your situation; such as gas mileage, how many passengers the vehicle can hold, trunk space and on and on. It will also depend on your financial situation as well as the cost of auto insurance.

Match your needs with the car: Match your requirements with specific vehicles. A local contractor does not require a Volkswagen car. It would be beneficial for him to buy a truck. For the business person who uses to cross the borders for his business fuel efficient and small cars will match his requirements. Buying a new car will be a bad idea if you want to sell it in next year.

Here are a few VERY important things to consider.

Do not shop on weekends: Lots of the people shop for new vehicles on the weekend, but this is not a good idea. There are usually more customers on weekends and therefore dealers are not that motivated to provide the proper information needed to each customer with patience. With all of the customers visiting their showroom, the sales associate has the upper hand and will not be as inclined to negotiate a price that best suits the customer. If your schedule permits, try to visit/shop for your new vehicle on a week day. With less shoppers the sales associate will feel more inclined to give you a better deal to make the sale.

Consider your budget: You have to consider your financial situation before buying a car. Unless you are paying in cash. Keep in mind that this purchase will be a 4 -6 year commitment. Make sure the car is priced right for that long of a commitment and that you purchase a vehicle that will hold a decent value over that time period so that come time to sell or trade-in you will get a some return on your investment.  

Determine insurance cost: While at the dealership it will be a good idea to contact your insurance provider for a quote for the vehicle you are considering buying. This will give you an accurate picture of what your monthly payments will be for the vehicle and the insurance.

Buying a new car should be a fun and exciting time. But keep in mind that if done the wrong way it could be a total disaster that could be a financial burden on you for many years. As with every major purchase you make in your lifetime, be sure to do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

This article was provided by San Diego’s #1 Auto Detailing Company SoCal Mobile Auto Detail & Wash. 

Please visit the BEST Auto Detailing Blog on the web for the BEST industry news and information.

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Why is Regular Car Detailing Necessary?

November 20, 2012


Protect the value of your vehicle with regular car detailing. 

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Protect the value of your vehicle.


“I always say, the way a man treats his car is how he treats himself” Tarconi in Transporter 2 (2005)

Car detailing is actually one of the most essential preventive maintenance measures to carry out in your vehicle.  Besides the traditional maintenance and day-to-day cleaning of the car, it is recommended that you carry out regular car detailing to protect the car from the damaging effects of exposure to the environment and prolong the lives of components and parts.  Each car is different but generally, a thorough detailing is necessary for all types of cars – new and old, small and big, exotic and cheap.  Some car owners argue that car detailing is very expensive, but this is only because they do not know, or do not understand, what they stand to benefit in the long run from the detailing process.  Here are some of the top benefits of car detailing.

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1.     Car detailing is preventive maintenance

Car detailing involves getting the car washed and waxed – a practice that keeps the paint in an excellent condition which prolongs its life.  Detailing a car every three months helps protect the expensive coat of paint from road grime, harmful UV rays, acid rain and salt among other damaging elements.

2.     Improved safety

Dirty mirrors and windows are a health hazard because the reduce visibility, especially when the sun is shining.  Car detailing also involves removing all the haze that reduce visibility and clearing oxidized and cloudy headlights which improves the brightness of the lights.  Instead of rushing to replace headlights and tail lights because they are ‘dim’, maybe all you need is to detail your car.

3.     Restore and maintain the car’s value

A well detailed and presented car always has greater value than one with all the rust, faint paint tones and other undesirable aesthetic marks.  Car detailing is the best way to restore the value of your – albeit at face value – and maintain it there without regular paint jobs or replacing ‘eye-sore’ parts.

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Every car owner agrees that a clean car means lower maintenance and repair costs.  This is because detailing significantly improves the performance of the car and will eliminate the costly repairs and in the process reduce the costs associated with running the car.  Regular car detailing costs much less than it would to wait for the car to break down or parts such as seats, lamps and paint to wear out to replace them.

5.     Longer car life

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Contrary to what most new drivers assume, engine breakdown and wearing out of major components such as the transmission are not the only causes of shorter car life.  Corrosion of the body, caked-on dirt, rusting and wearing out of seats significantly reduces the life of a car.  In light of this, it is good to carry out regular detailing to avoid instances of poor car performance five to ten years down the line. doxycycline dosage dental infection doxycycline monohydrate drug interactions doxycycline reviews

6.     Detailing makes cleaning easier

Let’s face it, everyone wants to drive around in a clean car.  You cannot afford, and you cannot even have the time, to have your car washed at the car wash every morning before heading to work, you will need to do it yourself.  A well detailed car is easier to clean – all you need to do is wipe with a cloth and the shine and glitter will be back instantly.

Besides these benefits, regular detailing also enhances a positive driver attitude and gains them respect on the road and the car will have a fresh new-like feel and look.  Five years down the line, you will still be rolling down the street with a car that is as good as new.  If you haven’t been detailing your car, it is advisable that you do so every six months.




San Diego Headlight Restoration

November 20, 2012

Headlight Restoration in San Diego


Don’t Replace Cloudy Headlights—Restore Them

Car owners have much to fear from the sun—especially when living in the desert southwest where clouds are hard to come by over 300 days a year—but while most car owners are primarily concerned with the damage the sun’s rays can do to their paint jobs, they frequently overlook how harmful the sun’s rays can be to their headlights.  A lot of people don’t realize it, but cloudy, yellow headlights are actually caused by long-term exposure to the sun, not by dirt and dust as it’s often assumed.  So while properly protecting your car’s paint from the elements is certainly important, don’t underestimate the importance of protecting your headlights too.  After all, the paint’s just there to make your car look nice—your headlights are there to protect you.



Cloudy Headlights are Dangerous

For most of us, it’s hard enough as it is to both drive in the dark or in inclement weather, and at the same time, keep an eye out for animals and pedestrians strolling unannounced into the street.  Therefore, don’t make it more difficult for yourself by driving with cloudy headlights. Cloudy headlights Jul 26, 2014 – reduce the amount of light your bulbs are able to project, and as a result, make it more difficult for you to see.  Additionally, the less light your headlights are emitting, the more difficult it is for other drivers and pedestrians to see you.  Obviously, anytime visibility is compromised, the likelihood that you’ll be involved in an accident increases.


You Could Get a Ticket for Having Dim Headlights

Not only do you put yourself in danger of being in an accident with cloudy headlights, you also run the risk of getting pulled over because of foggy headlights too.  Most states have strict headlight laws, and the federal government also has regulations addressing headlights as well. Anytime a police officer sees that one of your headlights is out or is extremely dim, you just might get a ticket.   


Don’t wait until you get a ticket or get in an accident to take care of your headlights.  A headlight restoration by your favorite auto detailer will remove any damage that’s already been done to your headlights, and it will also help protect your headlights from yellowing or clouding up in the future.  The procedure is a lot cheaper than replacing your headlights too. Replacing headlights can run you up to $300 for labor and parts, and at SoCal Mobile Auto Detail a headlight restoration can be added on to any package for only $49.00 or $79.00 as a stand alone package. Either way, it is a substantial savings. 

This post was contributed by Brittany Larson on behalf of Falls Motor City

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Follow these tip when using an automatic car wash.

November 18, 2012

mobile car wash san diego

3 Tips When Using Automatic Car Washes

best prices for all customers! atarax puede potenciar la accion depresora cheap atarax buy prednisone 20mg . instant shipping, generic for prednisone . Automated car washes are more popular than ever because of the convenience and affordability that they provide to their customers. Additionally, they are quick and allow you (in most cases) to not even have to bother with getting out of your car. And as the winter rapidly approaches, it will be more important than ever to make sure that the exterior of your vehicle is kept clean, particularly if you live in areas where it is prone to snow as the salt and sand used to keep the roads clear can get onto your vehicle and cause damage down the line. That said, the following are some tips to take into account when using automated car washes.


Tips for Using Automatic Car Washes

Make sure that it is ‘brushless’.

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Even though most modern car washes are, in fact, brushless, you’ll still want to make sure of it before you put your car through one. There are still some older car washes out there that use abrasive brushes versus the more popular cloth ones that are used today. These abrasive brushes can leave small scratches on your car, which may be harder to buff out if your vehicle is an older model.  If you haven't tried a mobile car wash or hand wash, try one today!

Skip the ‘add-ons’.

Add ons such as extra wax or undercarriage cleaning are not only unnecessary in automated car washes, but they will end up costing you more money. Be wary of extras that advertise ‘rustproofing’ for the undercarriage of your vehicle. In fact, the undercarriage of your vehicle has already been rustproofed at the factory as it is part of the assembly process. Therefore, there is no need to do it again at a car wash.

Be careful of the wipe down.

Some  online pharmacy meds buy baclofen online cheap baclofen where to buy in uk baclofen mail order online pharmacy australia discount baclofen cheap automatic car washes will involve attendants at the station who ask you to step out of your vehicle while they run your car through an automated car wash. Afterwards, they will usually dry off any excess water by hand with hand towels. And while this is all well and good, you’ll want to be sure that the cloths they are using are fresh looking and not ragged as ragged cloths can cause streaks or even damage. Additionally, most car washes that have attendants don’t replace the towels for each car, meaning that your vehicle is being wiped down with damp or wet cloths- which can cause streaks. Instead, thank then but insist on driving away without the wipe down.


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About the Author: Jenna is a content writer for National Transport, one of the United States’ leading auto transport companies. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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ECO Friendly Car Detailing: Just what Mother Nature asked for

November 18, 2012

Eco Friendly car detailing

How To Wash An Entire Car With Only ONE Gallon of Water

Believe it or not, car washing technology is constantly evolving. Every year, we see new automated washing systems, new chemicals, and new tools that make detailing easier (or at least that's what the creators of this technology claim). Eco friendly car detailing online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine paypal . fastest shipping, buy dapoxetine online. is a great way to be green and keep your vehicle clean!



However, one part of cleaning a car that has stayed pretty much the same has been the need for water…until now. SteamAmerica has developed a steam-based car wash system that promises to clean an entire vehicle inside and out while using only one gallon of water.

The obvious benefit here is that this system saves water. Many cities have rules that limit water use, which means residents in these cities are limited in how often they can clean their cars. Using the “Optima Steamer Car Wash Machine,” these folks can wash their car anytime they like.

How Does It Work?

The Optima Steamer has a small tank that holds a few gallons of water, which is then boiled to produce steam using the on-board diesel generator. The final temperature of the steam ranges from 150 to 167 degrees Farenheit once the device is warmed up. generic cialis soft. tadalafil 20/40mg. generic cialis soft is the medicine that combines two main characteristics important for treating male impotence (erectile …

According to SteamAmerica, it's very hard to burn bare skin with steam at this temperature, as it's not quite hot enough to do any damage provided you don't hold the steam tip against your skin for a prolonged period.

However, steam temperatures of 150-167 degrees are hot enough to do some serious cleaning. According to the manufacturer, hot steam is as good at removing grime as any soap or solvent, and the steam can be used on the inside of your car just as easily as it can be used on the outside. All you have to do is avoid blasting electronics with steam and you're good to go.

Finally, SteamAmerica says that he steam will not damage your coat of wax, so long as the steam gun is held four to six inches away from your paint. This means you could use the steamer to clean your car without having to re-wax later. brands uk buy prozac online canadian pharmacy what side effect of quoting prozac prozac use pros and cons prozac 30 mg capsule. buy feline going off of

If the Steamer has any downsides, the biggest are the unit's bulk and expense. Buying a new Optima Steamer will cost your thousands of dollars, which is a lot considering a garden hose is essentially free.  What's more, unlike a hose, the steamer has to be rolled around.

Who Should You Use the Optima Steamer?

Considering the expense, this device is probably for detail shops that operate in areas where water use is heavily restricted. However, if you're looking for a way wash your car at home without using a lot of water – or if you like the idea of using steam to clean your car inside and out – this might be a good investment.

Just remember, your local detail shop is better than any home-based car cleaning. Not only because they have the best tools, but also because they have the right experience. Cleaning a car is one thing, but  buy amoxil online after comparing prices. order amoxicillin without a prescription . how much does amoxil cost? detailing a car is quite another.

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Author Jason Lancaster is an automotive expert with years of dealership experience. He writes for Olathe Toyota Parts Center, a website that sells genuine Toyota parts at wholesale prices.




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