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San Diego Paintless Dent Repair

July 8, 2017

Paintless Dent Repair in San Diego

What is San Diego Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Question? What is San Diego Paintless Dent Repair? Dents are one of the most unsightly and common problems that can happen to your vehicle. There are many ways your car can receive a dent, but regardless of how it happened, there is a fair amount of certainty that you will want to have the dent removed. There are a lot of ways to remove dents from your car – you could try to remove them yourself with a home “Pop A Dent” kit. If that doesn’t sound like a good way to spend an afternoon, you could go to a San Diego body shop and have their highly trained technicians fill the dent and repaint your car. They will need your car overnight, however. The options may be unappealing for various reasons – maybe you are concerned about damaging your car further if you try to pull the dent yourself, or maybe you don’t have a chance to hand over your keys for a car dent removal. This is where San Diego Paintless Dent Repair options become very attractive, even more so when you factor in that there are several mobile paintless dent repair services in San Diego. These companies even offer things like mobile vehicle detailing as well as car wash at home services. more »

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Ceramic Paint Coating – Paint Protection Coating For Cars

July 5, 2017

Ceramic Paint Coating – Paint Protection Coating For Cars

Ceramic Paint Coating

Today we are going to talk to you about Ceramic Paint Coating For Cars. Waxing a car has to be one of the biggest dreads of car owners everywhere. While wax offers a car paint protection coating, it does not last long since it breaks down over time and requires another coat in a few weeks or even sooner in extreme climates. This is not only labor intensive it is also very expensive. The costs of waxing adds up to thousands of dollars over the life of a car. Thanks to advances in nano technology, there is an alternative to wax in the form of ceramic paint protection coatings. Ceramic paint coatings, or nano-coatings, offer a long lasting shine to keep cars shiny and new looking without the hassle of expensive, laborious waxing. These ceramic paint coating for cars are the best paint protection coating to date in that they provide a strong protective surface over a car’s paint that blocks out foreign substances that can cause damage and fading. The benefits of ceramic paint protection are many including a longer lasting shine, cleaner cars, and, since it eliminates the need to wax, they reduce maintenance costs significantly.
more »

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Car Cigarette Smoke Smell Removal in San Diego

July 2, 2017

San Diego Car Odor removal

Car Cigarette Smoke Smell Removal

How Car Cigarette Smoke Removal in San Diego is easy with Ozone! Vehicles can build up smells over time with usage. Cigarettes, working, smog, and even babies can help to add to odors that permeate the air in a vehicle. Sometimes no matter how much you clean with detergents, window cleaners, and oil wipes, your car just doesn’t get back its original smell. If your vehicle has gotten that dank smell of usage, then you might want to try Ozone Car Odor Removal. One of the best current ways to rid your car of smells and give it that new fresh car smell, is with Ozone. Ozone works by breaking down odor causing bacteria. Ozone reacts with molecules to destroy the bacteria leaving you with a fresh clean scent. Ozone is a small machine that you can use the attached hoses for putting in through your windows after you have cleaned your car out. Note: covering the gap in your window where the hose is will be the most effective measure to ensure it works properly. The Ozone machine will then permeate through the whole car. This ensures that it gets to all the microscopic bacteria to kill it. The Ozone Odor Removal generator will clean your car bacteria smells within 30mins-2hours. You may want to allow it to air out at this point but it is certainly safe to drive. more »

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Headlight Restoration Service

June 26, 2017
San Diego Headlight Restoration

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Headlight Restoration Services

At MHRS it is always our goal to ensure your 100% complete satisfaction. Our mobile headlight restoration service comes to your home or place of business to complete our work, and we understand the importance of providing you with unmatched professional quality service. We strive for customer satisfaction, as we maintain industry leading high standards of professionalism, reliability and top-notch service.

Mobile Headlight Restoration Services

Our on-site mobile headlight restoration service team is made up of professional headlight restoration experts that have been serving San Diego, Ca and its surrounding cites for the past 8 years. Because of our expertise and our variety of clientele that consists of daily drivers, company fleet vehicles and even RV’s & motorcycles, there is no task that our team is not prepared to handle. Our service technicians are highly trained with the latest technology, tools and products. We get the job done right satisfaction guaranteed. We don’t leave the site until you are happy! more »

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Professional Auto Detailing in San Diego – Services Offered!

June 23, 2017

The Best Auto Detailing in San Diego

Professional Auto Detailing in San Diego

When you need to have your vehicle detailed, you need go no further than SoCal’s Mobile Auto Detailing staff. And there’s no distance at all to go, because our Professional Auto Detailing in San Diego comes to you, at your home or place of business. And when it leaves that location – your car, SUV, RV, van, motorcycle or large commercial transporter – will be ready to roll and to be seen; because, while you are spending time taking care of your business, SoCal’s Professional Auto Detailing in San Diego is busy at work as well. What you’ll find upon completion, is the exterior and interior of your automobile will be exquisitely washed, cleaned, vacuumed, waxed, tire dressed and totally detailed in beauty. Your vehicle will be a sight to behold. And it will be worth it, without having to waste your time sitting around in some shop waiting for it to happen. more »

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Auto Detailing Near Me? Or Mobile Detailing Near Me?

June 23, 2017

Auto Detailing Near me

San Diego Auto Detailing Near Me?

If you’re in the market for getting your car detailed, you might be asking yourself “Should I look for auto detailing near me?” or “Should I use mobile auto detailing near me?” service. The decision depends on your budget, your time, and the type of mobile auto detailing you require. Reviewing the pros and cons of a mobile detailing outfit versus an auto detailing shop can help you make that decision.


Auto Detailing near me? Or Mobile Detailing near me?

In order to examine the positive and negative aspects of mobile auto detailing near me and auto detailing near me, the first thing to consider is the location. Mobile detailing services come to you in contrast to an auto shop detailing service, which you bring your car to them. A mobile detailing service might save you time if your car is parked in a convenient location where both you and the mobile detailing service can easily access the car. You will likely need to go outside to unlock your car and pay for services. If you are unable to do these things, then bringing your car to an auto shop detailing service might be a better fit. Another consideration, of course, is your budget. Mobile detailing services are cheaper, but for a lower price, fewer services may be offered. Auto detailing shop tends to be more expensive, but permanent locations generally have more equipment that may provide an overall better service. After considering these factors, a quick call to both places asking questions regarding pricing and services will ultimately help you decide the best fit for your needs.

Affordable Auto Detailing near me!

Auto detailing is a valuable service that improves the quality of your vehicle and the driving experience. If you are weighing your options between mobile auto and auto shop detailing services, consider the level of service you need, your time, and your budget. Luckily, there are many detailing service options out there and you should have no problem finding a reputable company meet your detailing needs.


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Auto Detailing Gift Certificate. The Perfect Gift!

June 21, 2017

Auto Detailing Gift Certificate

Auto Detailing Gift Certificate – Perfect!

Here is why an Auto Detailing Gift Certificate is the perfect gift. Nobody likes to get socks for Christmas or laundry detergent for their birthday.  No matter how excited your little brother pretends to be when he tears off the wrapping paper on a pair of winter gloves, you should know that it’s most likely just an act.  Even if he really needed the gloves because his dog ate his old ones, at most you saved him a couple of dollars and a trip to the store.  After all, gift giving isn’t about what people NEED, its’ about what they WANT. And who doesn’t need the Best Auto Detailing in San Diego? more »

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Auto Detailing San Diego – Detail Shops are GREAT!

June 14, 2017

Auto Detailing San Diego Shops & Services

San Diego Auto Detailing

Do you dread standing in your driveway with a hose and a bucket of soap slaving over your car in the blistering sun? Are you frustrated that you keep spending your hard earned cash on expensive cleaning products and not getting the perfect shine you desire? Are you tired of waiting in endless lines for a lackluster and overpriced automatic car wash? Fear not car fanatics, if you live in the San Diego area, there plenty of reliable Auto Detailing San Diego places to get your car professionally detailed. What exactly does a detail shop do? Well, a detail shop takes your basic car wash to the extreme for professional results at a budget friendly price. In addition to basic cleaning services, you can also pay a bit extra to have UV and paint protecting products added to prevent fading and peeling, keeping your car’s exterior and interior looking newer for longer.

What Auto Detailing San Diego Shops can do for you!

Auto Detailing San Diego shops offer a wide range of services starting from the most basic auto detailing packages which usually include: a complete and thorough cleaning of the exterior, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, tire detailing, and dusting and wiping of the vehicle interior. From there the service expand into higher packages or individual add-ons which often include: Extensive interior cleaning, full wax treatment, wheel polishing, UV protectant for trim, cleaning of carpets, mats and seats, leather conditioning, fabric and upholstery protectant, dash and console cleaning and UV protectant, and polymer paint sealant for painted surfaces. These are the basic services offered by most detail reputable detail shops, and with a quick call or visit you can find out if there are additional options like minor bodywork or electronic upgrades. Many used car dealerships also offer basic auto detailing services so if you feel more comfortable you can ask your favorite dealer to schedule you to have your vehicle detailed right at the dealership.

This article was written by Ryan of Wheel Revivers. Mobile Wheel & Rim Repair

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Wash-n-Wax: How Often Should I Wax My Car???

May 28, 2017

A common question we are asked here at So Cal Mobile Detailing & Auto Wash is “how often one should wax their car?” Some people say that one should wax there car every time after washing the car, and should wash your car at least once a month. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but you really do not need to wax it that often. It is true that your car will look great if you do this, but it is a little bit of overkill and not completely necessary. – Let’s talk more about wash-n-wax.

You definitely should wash your car once a month. ESPECIALLY in the snowy climates. We live in San Diego, yet still, if you love your car, you will wash your car to protect it and keep it looking nice. The truth is that if you wax it every time you are just wasting wax.

Too Much Waxing Wastes Wax

Wax last longer on a vehicle, and if you use it too often you are just caking on more wax without any real benefit. If you are washing your car once a month, it is ideal to wax it every other wash. By doing every other month you maintain a healthy shine, protect your car form chemicals and the sun, and are not needlessly wasting money by over waxing. Waxing every other time is the perfect way to make sure that you car stays looking great without having to set aside a second savings account just for your wax budget.

San Diego And Wax Services

So Cal Mobile Detailing & Wash offers San Diego the best in wash and wax services. Our wash and wax services available include our Wash-N-Wax wash package and check out our clay bar treatments. The deal is in the Wash-N-Wax.

Wax my car


Wax Every Other Wash

At the end of the day. We suggest our clients to wax every other wash. This insures you are protecting your car while not overkilling it on the wax, ultimately saving you money.


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San Diego Headlight Restoration

May 25, 2017

Headlight Restoration

Don’t Replace… San Diego Headlight Restoration

Why San Diego Headlight Restoration? Car owners have much to fear from the sun—especially when living in San Diego, Ca where clouds are hard to come by over 300 days a year—but while most car owners are primarily concerned with the damage the sun’s rays can do to their paint jobs, they frequently overlook how harmful the sun’s rays can be to their headlights.  A lot of people don’t realize it, but cloudy, oxidized yellow headlights are caused by long-term exposure to the sun, not by dirt and dust as it’s often assumed.  While properly protecting your car’s paint from the elements is certainly important, don’t underestimate the importance of protecting your headlights too.  After all, the paint’s just there to make your car look nice—your headlights are there to protect you.

Cloudy is Dangerous… Try Headlight Restoration

For most of us, it’s hard enough as it is to both drive in the dark or in inclement weather, and at the same time, keep an eye out for animals and pedestrians strolling unannounced into the street.  Therefore, don’t make it more difficult for yourself by driving with cloudy headlights. Cloudy headlights reduce the amount of light your bulbs are able to project, and as a result, make it more difficult for you to see.  Additionally, the less light your headlights are emitting, the more difficult it is for other drivers and pedestrians to see you.  Obviously, anytime visibility is compromised, the likelihood that you’ll be involved in an accident increases.

You Could Get a Ticket for Having Dim Headlights

Not only do you put yourself in danger of being in an accident with cloudy headlights, you also run the risk of getting pulled over because of foggy headlights too.  Most states have strict headlight laws, and the federal government also has regulations addressing headlights as well. Anytime a police officer sees that one of your headlights is out or is extremely dim, you just might get a ticket.


Don’t wait until you get a ticket or get in an accident to take care of your headlights.  A headlight restoration by your favorite auto detailer will remove any damage that’s already been done to your headlights, and it will also help protect your headlights from yellowing or clouding up in the future.  The procedure is a lot cheaper than replacing your headlights too. Replacing headlights can run you up to $500 for labor and parts, and at SoCal Mobile Auto Detail & Wash a headlight restoration can be added on to any package for only $39.00 or $69.00 as a stand alone package. Either way, it is a substantial savings.

This post was contributed by Brittany Larson on behalf of Falls Motor City

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