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Who says you need water to wash your car? (San Diego Mobile Car Wash)

October 2, 2012

Waterless Car Wash worksA few years ago it was hard to imagine ever having to ask yourself whether or not you were going to use water to wash your car.  But because of recent advances in the technology of soaps and detergents, many car detailing companies like SoCal  Mobile a San Diego mobile car wash  “waterless” car wash.  While it’s difficult to understand how this is possible, the truth is—waterless car washes work.  And if the number of people going “waterless” is any indication, they work very well.
So is a waterless car wash right for you?


The obvious difference between water-less and traditional car washes is that water-less car washes use significantly less water.  In fact, as their name suggests, they don’t use any at all. While the amount of water used during a traditional car wash by SoCal Mobile Auto Detailing is minimal (a few gallons at most), a drive-thru car wash can use up to 85 gallons of water per vehicle.  That’s a TON of water, especially in regions of the world where the water supply is at a minimum like deserts or in other areas stricken by drought.  So if you live in one of these places or you’re just an environmentally conscious person in general, a waterless car wash might be the right decision for you—whether it is the right decision for your vehicle, however, is another question entirely.

The most common condemnation of waterless car washes is that the products necessary to wash a vehicle without water are very harmful.  Though it doesn’t seem like it, your car’s finish is very fragile and even the gentlest of dish soaps can ruin it.  Therefore, it’s customary to always use detergents that are specifically engineered for car washing when washing your car.  These detergents typically have a very low chemical content and consist primarily of water.  Unfortunately, water-less soaps and waxes are almost entirely chemical based.  Their high chemical content is necessary because without the help of water, the soap has to work a lot harder to remove the dirt and grime from your vehicle. 

In addition to the extra work required of the detergent, those washing your car during a water-less wash have to work significantly harder as well.  Much more elbow grease goes into a water-less wash than a traditional wash.  Therefore, the car wash itself takes longer and may cost you more as well.

San Diego environmentally friendly car wash This guest post was contributed by Brittany Larson on behalf of  Dream Motor Cars

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SoCal Mobile Auto Detail Terms and Conditions

September 27, 2012

The Fine Print

Mobile Detailing Q&A

Just a few things we like to point out before we get started. If you have any questions about our Mobile Auto Detailing Services please let us know.

  • Being a mobile service we come to you expecting to have the following: An ample amount of space to perform our service, permission to be on premises if you are not the owner and a safe location as well as safe conditions to service your vehicle. If we arrive and the previous mentioned conditions are not met we reserve the right to reschedule the service at a later time/date that works for both parties. In addition there will be a $20 rescheduling Fee.


  • Please have all personal items or valuables removed from the vehicle before our technicians arrive as we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. All items found in the car will be placed in a clear plastic bag and left in the car for your reclaiming.
  • By law we are not allowed to remove or replace car seats under any circumstances. We ask that our clients remove car seats and booster seats before we arrive. Should the car seat be left in the vehicle we will do our best to clean around the car seat but can’t promise your total satisfaction. 
  • Pet hair & Sand are two of the toughest items to remove from a vehicle with normal vacuuming. The removal of either element is not guaranteed with any of our service offerings. However on most occasions we are successful at removing visual traces of both elements. We aim to please!  
  • When it comes to windows we are the best! But from time to time and depending on temp windows may have a film. Please allow the car to cool and then take a micro fiber towel and wipe the film off, if you see streaks.. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Our interior detailing services are absolutely amazing and are second to none in the San Diego Auto Detailing market place. However, we make no promises to being able to remove all stains or odors from vehicles. We aim to please so we will always consult you on what can and cannot be done in regards to your vehicles interior.

Click here to book your next Mobile Car Wash or Mobile Auto Detail service. 

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Detailing Tips for Tire and Wheel Cleaning – Car Detailing in San Diego

September 14, 2012

Car Detailing in San Diego – Many jeep owners find that tire and wheel cleaning can be a bit of a time consuming and labor intensive job, especially when it comes to polishing up tires and wheels. Sure, you want your all-terrain vehicle to look great, but one has to begin to wonder if it’s worth all of the effort. You have enough piling up on your to-do list, right? Well, that’s where this blog post comes in. This is going to walk you through some car detailing tips on how to get your tires and wheels spic and span without spending a fortune on useless cleaning products or wasting hours of your valuable time.


First of all, it’s important to get the right cleaners right off the bat. Don’t search around for cleaners on auto store shelves that aren’t going to get the job done right the first time, because that’s only going to lead to wasted money (and we all know that doesn’t grow on trees). So, go right for the Bestop cleaner right away. They make cleaners that are specially formulated for Jeeps and other all-terrain vehicles, making them an obvious and wise choice when it comes time to get your tires and wheels clean.

Next, you’ll need to remember that you shouldn’t go overboard with the polish that you use for the tires and the wheels. Just a small spray will go a long way. Keep in mind that you can always apply more if you find that your tires and wheels don’t have the shine that you were aiming for. Simply spray on a thin coat and then let it sit for a few moments before wiping it away. You don’t want your tires and wheels to have too much of a sheen, given that it will make them usually look awkward when compared to other parts of your Jeep. Go for a natural, clean look instead. Lastly, never forget the wheel wells. Most people will tend to overlook this part of their vehicle, not realizing how important they are to the overall look. So, make sure to use the Bestop cleaners there as well, just to be sure that your all-terrain vehicle is looking sharp and well cared for.


As you can see, it’s really not that difficult to get your tires and wheels clean and polished up. The right cleaners and the right techniques will help you to get the job done quickly and effectively, so you can carry on with the rest of your to-do list. 

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Are you ready for some football? Is your car ready? San Diego Mobile Car Detailing

September 8, 2012

SoCal is ready for the NFL season. Are you?

We’re heading into autumn and folks are revving up for the start of the new NFL (National Football League) season. This is a big season for San Diego mobile car detailing too, because people are keen on keeping their automobiles looking spiffed up and cool, just like we hope the Chargers will be this season.

So get ready for the tailgate parties, house parties, business parties and neighborhood roundups.

Have you ever thought about the cars that show up for these various occasions, which sometimes are actual events? They look good. That’s because people like to see their rides looking sharp and they also appreciate the response they get from others when they are acknowledged for it.

Today, you can get a good look at car detailing San Diego through mobile services which detail your car while you are watching the game. Just imagine what you are in for even before the completion of the game. The sparkle and shine of a vehicle that looks shinny and renewed.

Let’s face it. Your car is an important investment. When you keep it looking good, it shows how much you care about that investment. And just like your favorite football team, your automobile is representative of your particular personality. When you keep your auto washed and detailed on a regular basis, you are saying something about yourself, as well as maintaining its value.

And you can do just that while you are relaxing and watching the football game. You don’t have to worry about taking your car somewhere to have it done, before or after the game. The service will come to you. That means no time lost, but something very beautiful gained. While you’re busy thinking about catches, end plays and touchdowns, your mobile auto detailer will be busy glossing up your dashboard and interior, as well as making the surface of your vehicle, the windows and your tires glow with the shine of renewal.  

San Diego Auto Detailing, is something more and more people are becoming interested in. That’s because they see the common sense value of protecting their investment. And when they are ready to trade up, they will realize just how smart they were, because it pays off, big time.

So, sit back and enjoy the game. And when it’s over, step outside and into your waiting ride. There will be beauty to behold. Even if it is a Hello Kitty Car. 

Another Satisfied Customer

This article is sponsored by our affiliate: – Mobile Auto Reconditionng Directory

Mobile Automotive Reconditioning Directory for Paintless Dent Removal – Bumper Scratch – Wheel Repair

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San Diego Car Detailing: Why you need to pay attention to the details of your detail.

August 29, 2012

San Diego Car Detailing – Most people wait until their car is in desperate need of a wash before they decide to have it detailed.  The best way to protect the investment you made in a new car is to have it taken care of by a professional detailer regularly and often.  Though most new cars come equipped with a “protective finish”, by no means is this a permanent solution.  To ensure that your vehicle’s “protective finish” is doing what it should, get in the habit of getting your car washed and waxed as soon as possible after you buy it. Most detailers recommend having your auto washed at least once or twice every two weeks

Damaging UV rays from the sun, acid rain and road salt, can and will slowly chip away at your car’s protective layer overtime.  And while most people wait until they actually see the damage on their vehicle to get it washed or detailed, it’s much harder for a detailer to restore your vehicle to its original condition than it is for them to keep it looking brand-new. Not to mention the difference in cost. Once the damage has begun, it’s like a run-away train: hard to stop and in most cases impossible to reverse. And even if it can be reversed it would most likely be cheaper to have the vehicle re-painted.  

Additionally, if you take care of the exterior of your car with regular washes services and keep the inside looking great as well, when it is time to trade it in a few years down the road, it will be worth a lot more to a dealership.  Dealerships will pay more for cars that have been taken care of because they’re worth more money to their customers. If a salesmen knows he or she can get more money for your car, they’re going to be more inclined to buy it at a higher price. It may cost you a few dollars every month to have someone wash your car, but rest assured it will be well worth it in the long run.

For most of us, the thought of adding another item to your weekly to-do list sounds like an horrible idea, know that with services provided by SoCal’s San Diego Car Detailing, getting your ride detailed just might be the easiest “to-do” on your to-do list. All you have to do is make one phone call to set up a repeating appointment and SoCal will come to your home or place of business once or twice a month or as frequently as you would like.  They will grab your keys, clean your car, and be on their way.  Don’t wait until your car’s appearance is beyond repair to react, be proactive; ensure that your investment is protected by choosing to have your car wash and detailed regularly.

This guest post was written by Brittany Larson on behalf of Alderson BMW

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Are you still paying to have your vehicle ruined? STOP!!! (Car Detailing San Diego)

August 21, 2012



Car Detailing San Diego – They’re easy, their fast, and according to your kids, they’re fun, but are you getting what you pay for at a drive-thru car wash?  In short, the answer is no.  Drive-thru car washes may make your car look shiny and new in the short term, but in reality they can end up damaging your car’s paint job and stripping it of protective finishes.  Additionally, because of the potent chemicals necessary to clean your car in such a short period of time, even “touchless” car washes aren’t safe.  To make sure your car is getting the treatment it deserves, avoid drive-thru car washes at all costs and choose an auto detailing service that will wash your vehicle by hand. 


Most drive-thru car washes, especially the older ones, require the use of rails.  Rails latch on to your car’s wheels and propel the vehicle through the different stages of the wash.  When car wash rails latch on to vehicles they tend to scratch rims and sometimes even cause damage to the tires themselves that can lead to deflation down the road.  Further, older car washes typically use brushes to wash your car instead of cloth.  Brushes needlessly scratch your car’s paint job as they attempt to remove dirt.  If you absolutely must go to a drive-thru car wash, make sure it’s “brushless” and that cloth is the only thing that touches your car.


Further, though most newer car washes don’t use rails and are “touchless,” washing your car by hand is still your best option.  Most drive-thru car washes don’t advertise what kind of chemicals they are using and this is usually because their detergents are often overly potent and harsh.  Powerful soaps, while often effective, tend to strip your car of its protective finishes.  Without this protection your car’s color will fade and dirt will cling to what’s left of the paint causing you to have to wash your car more frequently.

Even after hearing all that, if you still can’t tear yourself away from the habit of going to a drive-thru car wash because of the convenience factor, consider a San Diego car detailing service like SoCal Mobile Auto Detail.  SoCal and other services like it will come to your home or your place of business and wash your car, motorcycle, RV, or truck till it shines with the personal touch it deserves.  Though it seems like this kind of personal service should cost you an arm and a leg, SoCal’s prices are similar to what you’d pay for a drive-thru wash and grow even more competitive if you’ve got multiple vehicles that need washing. 


This guest post was provided by Brittany Larson on behalf of Automotive Search


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4 Essential Steps to Exterior Mobile Detailing San Diego

August 13, 2012

Exterior Mobile Auto Detail San Diego

Exterior Mobile Detailing San Diego – Do you own a vehicle that you’ve relied on for years?  The next time you take that favorite car out for a wash, consider giving it a touch of TLC with some overdue exterior detailing.  I’ve detailed four essential steps you need to know for a basic exterior detailing of your car.  Although basic, you can use these to cover every angle of your vehicle, from your sliding doors to chrome or plastic bumpers. 

 Exterior Auto Detailing #1: Wash & Drying

Start with removing the loose debris and dirt from the surface of your vehicle.  Don’t stop at the doors or the hood.  Be sure to include the bumpers, hubcaps, wheel wells, and all the other corners.  Here’s a quick tip if you don’t have time for the rest: to keep that newly minted clean look, use a quick detailer in between your regular car washings.  It makes the biggest difference!

Washing and drying should be done once a week.

Exterior Auto Detailing #2: Claybar

This is no fancy technique: you use an actual clay bar to remove all dirt and contaminates from your vehicle’s paint surface.  In return, this leaves the paint job with a silken sheen and looking as fresh as if it was just painted.  A clay bar has the capability to remove any item sticking out of the paint job (including those nasty tar bits that hit your car on the freeway).  Use this on every part of your car, from the doors to the bumpers.

Add this into your car care regimen no more than once every three to six months.

Exterior Auto Detailing #3: Full Body Polish

You don’t have a Rolls Royce to roll the streets in style: sometimes, all it takes is a car fresh out of a full body polish job.  Often misunderstood by car owners, this is where you actually work in the polish to break down abrasives rather than a simple wax.  The secret is in the polish application.  Don’t listen to what the bottle tells you: do not let it sit after you apply, but work that polish in and buff till you get that sheen you’re looking for.  Any product that states you can just apply, let the product sit, and then rub off, is telling a lie.  Car body polish works with oils, and a simple application of this product is just a coat of oil to hide existing blemishes.

This should only be done once or twice a year.

Exterior Auto Detailing #4: Wax and/or Sealant

Protect your paint and add a layer of shine and that “wetness” look with a wax and/or a sealant.  This is often referred to as the Last Step Product in a car detailing job. Wax is easy to use, but lacks reliable durability.  Sealant, on the other hand, is very durable, but you need a squeaky clean surface in order for it to bond correctly to the paint.  You can apply this to all surfaces including the doors and bumpers of your car.

Use the wax and/or sealant every two to six months.


This is another awesome post courtesy of Quan Thach


Here is another great post from Quan: Truck and Jeep Maintenance

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Truck Maintenance: Mobile Car Detailing in San Diego

August 10, 2012

San Diego Mobile Truck Wash

Mobile Car Detailing in San Diego – Everyone knows that trucks and Jeeps are vehicles that take a bigger beating than most other types of vehicle on the road. So, it is crucial that the maintenance for these two types of vehicles be diligent and persistent.

The normal maintenance is to always keep the basic oil changes and tune ups. Every car owner follows those basic steps to keep a nice engine running smooth. Cleaning and detailing are also very important for vehicles to keep the paint job from fading or just getting scratched.

Now, trucks and Jeeps are an exemption to having maintenance done. Trucks and Jeeps are always in dirtier areas and work harder than most other cars. That means that detailing and cleaning should happen more often to keep the paint job immaculate. Heavy duty truck maintenance must also consist of keeping the moving parts greased up since they work harder than most cars. The same goes for Jeeps.

This is why washing tires and wheels on trucks and Jeeps periodically can help keep the moving parts lasting longer. It also keeps them from squeaking when driving in the streets.


Also, truck maintenance requires that all fluids for the power steering wheel, rear differential, and transmission oil be change a bit earlier than usual, especially when the truck or Jeep is getting a bit old. Remember, trucks and Jeeps work a little harder than most cars! That is if they are used like a truck or Jeep should be used.

It is also very wise to use additives for the engine to give it boost. Carburetor cleaners are also a huge plus, because trucks and Jeeps drive on dirt roads more than the regular vehicle.

As for bumpers, they just get beat up period! Like I said, if trucks and Jeeps are used the way they were designed to be used, the bumpers will get beat up. One way to go, is to add heavy duty ones for your Jeep or truck. Heavy grills can protect your truck and Jeep a lot better than just a regular bumper.

If you have a truck or a Jeep and drive them like a regular car, then the maintenance on them is the same as any other car. It is always wise to follow the vehicle’s manual!

In other words, if you have a truck and take it to work and make the vehicle work with heavy loads or if you have a Jeep and go four-wheeling with it in treacherous terrains, then follow the maintenance tips above. If you treat them like just regular cars, then the basic maintenance procedures should apply rather well. 

Special Thanks to Quan Thach for this awesome guest post.


SoCal Mobile providng premiere mobile car detailing and wash services!

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You can clean your own alloy wheels… and here is how! (Mobile Car Detailing)

August 7, 2012


Cleaning Your Alloy Wheels – The Lazy Way

It’s sunny outside and you want to pull the car covers off your Jeep and cruise around town looking good in your stylish ride.  Only, in order to look good in your stylish ride, the Jeep has to be clean.  Even if you baby your Jeep by detailing it yourself every other week, during the summer the wheels get dirty faster because there is no regular rain to wash grease and debris off the road.  There is a way to keep your Jeep wheels clean in between your overall mobile car detailing schedule.  Don’t worry, this method does not involve spending more money at the local car detailer nor does it include spending more cash on speciality cleaning products at your local Jeep parts store. Using simple household items you can keep grease, debris and brake dust build up off your wheels in between detailing.


You will need some “tools”.  

    • A blowdryer and an extension cord so the blowdryer will reach your car.
    • Depending on how hot it gets where you live you may not even need the blowdryer.
  • A baby powder dispenser in which the talcum has been replaced by baking soda.
  • Dishwasher gel type detergent which promises spot free drying.
  • A hose
  • A rag

 Step 1 – Heat Your Wheels
Grease is the biggest obstacle between you and clean wheels.  As you know from cleaning your kitchen or your clothing, grease that has hardened is more difficult to remove than grease that has been made more viscous by increased temperature.  So take your blowdryer around to each wheel and with it on its highest setting, blow hot air on each wheel for two or three minutes.  Again, if you live in a city like Sacramento or Phoenix where the summer temperatures regularly reach over 85 degrees fahrenheit and you can see wavy plumes of heat rising off the asphalt, the blowdryer step may be wholly unnecessary.

Step 2 – Apply An Absorbent
Baking soda absorbs grease and also breaks down grease.  While each individual wheel is warm blow a thick layer of baking soda onto the wheel using the baby powder dispenser.  Let the baking soda sit on the wheel for ten minutes.

Step 3 – Rinse
Wash the baking soda off with a hose and a lot of the grease and debris will come off with it.

Step 4 – Apply Detergent
With the rag apply the dishwasher detergent gel to your wheel.  Let it sit for five minutes.  If the detergent contains bleach do not let it sit for more than five minutes.  If it does not contain bleach you can let the detergent sit until it dries (though in Phoenix or Sacramento during the summer that might take fewer than five minutes).  The same chemical agents that dislodge baked on food from the casserole dish are going to dislodge dirt, brake dust, debris and grease from your wheels.  And the same chemical agents that leave your utensils spot free are going to leave your wheels shiny as well.

Step 5 – Rinse Again
Wash the dishwasher detergent off with your hose.

If during the washing off process you wind up with grease stains on your driveway, cover them with baking powder for an hour.  Then scrub them with a hard bristled brush and rinse them away.  If the stains remain, smear them with the dishwasher detergent and let it sit on them for a few hours then hose off the driveway again.

San Diego Mobile Auto Detailing – SoCal Mobile

Special Thanks to Adreana Langston for this awesome guest post. 

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Mission Valley Auto Detail: STOP Wasting Your Time!

July 30, 2012


estradiol 232 estradiol 10 mg cream drospirenona 3 mg and ethinyl estradiol 0.02 mg estradiol level 600 pg ml. progesterona con estradiol precio  If you’ve ever driven through Mission Valley nov 26, 2014 – for bladder infections glasgow gb online. estrace 1 delivery to buy cheap online without prescription buy prednisone 10mg online – prednisone 20mg dogs buy cheap prednisone no prescription . online, can i take amoxicillin and codeine together, can u mix penicillin 500mg antibiotics after surgery does amoxicillin treat yeast infection . for otitis media can amoxicillin cause white stools amoxicillin cat dosage liquid. 2mg tablets in colorado springs tablets , you know about all of the fine cars on display. These vehicles can be found on the road, in parking lots and in driveways. SoCal's Mission Valley mobile auto detailing staff was just there yesterday to service a client whose car is pictured above, after the Mission Valley mobile detail. We had just finished the job when Michael and Nancy came out and walked around their car observing the mobile detailing as if they were in an auto dealership showroom. These are successful people and they appreciate attention to detail. “You guys are just too much, it’s gorgeous,” Nancy said. Michael smiled and added “yeah, it looks beautiful and we didn’t even have to leave the house. Now, that’s service.” The picture above is just an indication of what you can get without leaving your home or business. It’s mobile auto detailing Mission Valley at its best.   prednisone back order prednisone 30 mg cost

San Diego is a big county and SoCal Mobile Auto Detail covers 90 percent of it. Just the other day we were in Mission Valley Auto Detail. The zip code there is 92108. What’s yours? We may be there tomorrow. If you like the convenience of Professional Mobile Auto Detailing and having the option of making a service call to have your car detailed and kept looking beautiful, you should consider SoCal as an option.  


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