Are you still paying to have your vehicle ruined? STOP!!! (Car Detailing San Diego)

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propecia jakarta buy propecia online They’re easy, their fast, and according to your kids, they’re fun, but are you getting what you pay for at a drive-thru car wash?  In short, the answer is no.  Drive-thru car washes may make your car look shiny and new in the short term, but in reality they can end up damaging your car’s paint job and stripping it of protective finishes.  Additionally, because of the potent chemicals necessary to clean your car in such a short period of time, even “touchless” car washes aren’t safe.  To make sure your car is getting the treatment it deserves, avoid drive-thru car washes at all costs and choose an auto detailing service that will wash your vehicle by hand. 


Most drive-thru car washes, especially the older ones, require the use of rails.  Rails latch on to your car’s wheels and propel the vehicle through the different stages of the wash.  When car wash rails latch on to vehicles they tend to scratch rims and sometimes even cause damage to the tires themselves that can lead to deflation down the road.  Further, older car washes typically use brushes to wash your car instead of cloth.  Brushes needlessly scratch your car’s paint job as they attempt to remove dirt.  If you absolutely must go to a drive-thru car wash, make sure it’s “brushless” and that cloth is the only thing that touches your car.      aug 26, 2013 – buy baclofen on line. baclofen free consultation u.s. pharmacy pharmacy baclofen baclofen free air shipping. baclofen online uk . baclofen


Further, though most newer car washes don’t use rails and are “touchless,” washing your car by hand is still your best option.  Most drive-thru car washes don’t advertise what kind of chemicals they are using and this is usually because their detergents are often overly potent and harsh.  Powerful soaps, while often effective, tend to strip your car of its protective finishes.  Without this protection your car’s color will fade and dirt will cling to what’s left of the paint causing you to have to wash your car more frequently. nov 26, 2014 – prednisone 20mg street price . fastest shipping, how to order prednisone ., prednisone tab 20mg cheap prednisone online prednisone dose 


Even after hearing all that, if you still can’t tear yourself away from the habit of going to a drive-thru car wash because of the convenience factor, consider a San Diego car detailing service like SoCal Mobile Auto Detail.  SoCal and other services like it will come to your home or your place of business and wash your car, motorcycle, RV, or truck till it shines with the personal touch it deserves.  Though it seems like this kind of personal service should cost you an arm and a leg, SoCal’s prices are similar to what you’d pay for a drive-thru wash and grow even more competitive if you’ve got multiple vehicles that need washing. 

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