Glove Box Light: May the Light Source Be With You!

by / Monday, 18 February 2013 / Published in Blog

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glove box light

I can still see myself as a kid walking around the house thinking Dad, why do you need this light on tvgroup. generic baclofen 10 mg, baclofen 20 mg street price , acheter baclofen does generic baclofen look like buy baclofen online, baclofen meccanismo ? As kids we’re like big cats with infra-red night vision – we don’t need no stinking lights! I recall a health teacher telling me about what happens to our night vision as we get older, but who paid attention to all that cautionary pap?

Now my rods and cones issues have caught up with me.

I could go into a detailed explanation about the retina and how rods are critical for night vision and they diminish over time, but…


All I really want is a fix.

Night driving is an adventure. For a recent camping trip in the mountains we left after work which meant a healthy dose of driving in the dark to get to our campground. The stark glare of oncoming headlights on the highway gives those rods and cones a brisk workout. Adapting to it and keeping an eye out for hazards gets tricky. It’s like I’m in a huge video game, only it’s Game Over and I’m losing. But the real fun happens when we reach the campground.

When my friends ask me what camping is all about my stock answer is it’s about trying to find stuff. Add darkness into the mix and it’s that much harder. After amateur attempts at trying to unload gear and pitch a tent with flashlights I had to bang to get a beam out of, I finally invested in a propecia 1 month cheap propecia glove box light. And that has made all the difference.

We rolled into our spot after midnight. No problem. I pressed the switch and let there be light! We could see the best place to put up the tent, I didn’t trip over that fire rock that’s always in the middle of the site, and what used to take forever only took a little while. When we finished it was time for a beer and now that I had enough light I could find it (and even the bottle opener). And airing down the tires was no major production – the handheld light’s magnet made it mountable so I could see exactly what I was doing.


The stars are great to gaze at when you’re camping, but if I ever need to use my winch or fix something in the dark I like to know I’ve got it covered. To have a reliable light source on the trail is to be truly illuminated. Who knew that when pops left that light on he was really giving me a glimpse of my future?

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