San Diego RV Detailing and Wash that comes to you.

by / Tuesday, 25 September 2012 / Published in Blog

Just like your car, it’s important to take good care of your vehicle by getting it detailed regularly.  And also like your car, RVs are often made of a fiberglass-like material that’s coated with a protective finish.  This finish is frequently damaged when owners decide to take maintenance into their own hands or when they ignore maintenance altogether.  Take care of the investment you made in your RV and avoid the hassle of purchasing all the equipment required to clean a vehicle that in some cases can be as large as a house. Instead, have SoCal Mobile San Diego RV Detailing come out to your home and give your RV the treatment it’s been begging for since that ill-fated family road trip last summer. 


Though your car and your RV both require regular detailing, it’s a lot harder to pull your RV out of the garage and wash it down with a bucket of water, a sponge, and some soap than it would be to do so for your car.  Odds are you’re not going to be able to reach over half of the surface area of your RV standing on the ground anyway.  Therefore, at the very least, a reliable ladder is definitely going to be a necessity.  While you may have a trusty ladder in your garage already, you’re still probably not going to be able to reach all of your RV’s exterior without additional equipment.  Things like wash brushes, sponges, and drying towels with extra-long adjustable handles are necessary for a proper RV cleaning and are certainly not cheap.

Instead of paying for all this equipment and fumbling around with it for hours on end, pay the expert detailers at SoCal Mobile Auto Detailing to bring their own equipment.  They’ll make your RV look twice as good as you’d be able to, and in less than half the time too.  Not only will they make the outside of your RV shine, they’ll detail the interior as well.  Next time you pack the family in for a long trip, you won’t be smelling stale Cheetos from your last excursion—we guarantee it.


Take our advice and don’t waste an entire Sunday falling off a ladder trying to clean your RV when it would be better spent with family and friends or watching some football.  Our detailing experts will come to you and get the job done right the first time.

This guest post was contributed by Brittany Larson on behalf of
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