Wash-n-Wax: How Often Should I Wax My Car???

by / Monday, 28 January 2013 / Published in Blog


Wax my car

Some people say that one should wax there car every time after washing the car, and should wash your car at least once a month. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but you really do not need to wax it that often. It is true that your car will look great if you do this, but it is a little bit of overkill and not completely necessary. Let’s talk more about wash-n-wax.


Wax Every Other Wash

You definitely should wash your car once a month, especially in the snowy climates, to protect it and keep it looking nice, but the truth is that if you wax it every time you are just wasting wax. Wax last longer on a vehicle, and if you use it too often you are just caking on more wax without any real benefit. If you are washing your car once a month, it is ideal to wax it every other wash. By doing every other month you maintain a healthy shine, protect your car form chemicals and the sun, and are not needlessly wasting money by over waxing. Waxing every other time is the perfect way to make sure that you car stays looking great without having to set aside a second savings account just for your wax budget. 

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