Are Car Ceramic Coatings in San Diego Worth It?

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Car Ceramic Coating in San Diego worth it? Yes!!!!

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A car is mostly perceived as a self-expression of the owner’s personality and style. Choosing a car that fits your character and you’re comfortable driving is very important, as well as making sure that once you have found the right car that will take you to places, it will have the protection that it needs to endure years of service you need it to.

Car ceramic coating in San Diego is fairly new, which makes it exciting and amidst all the questions and doubts regarding the reliability of this new technology, ceramic coating’s popularity among car enthusiasts and car shops cannot be hidden anymore. There are many people questioning the effectiveness of the nano ceramic coatings, mostly for the fact that it is just new and has not been tested or on the market for years like waxes and sealants have. But this new technology is innovative and is proven to be extremely effective at providing excellent protection to the car’s original paint and trim. The inorganic components of the San Diego ceramic car coating blend perfectly well with the car factory’s paint, leaving no space for dirt or any harmful chemicals to stick to the glossy surface.

Why choose ceramic coatings for cars and not waxes?

Waxes vs ceramic coatings

Ceramic coatings for cars has numerous advantages that make it absolutely worth it to invest in the best paint protecting you can get for your vehicle. Ceramic Car coating in San Diego provides the best car paint protection because the ceramic coating is a thick coat layered on every inch of the painted surfaces and plastic trim of a vehicle. The coat encases the surface of the car and safeguards it from unwanted pollutants like sand, gravel, dirt, insects, water spots, ultra-violet rays and mud.

Car ceramic coating in San Diego makes cars easy to clean because they repel water and dirt like no other. The shiny finish of the car’s exterior is well-maintained even with minimal cleaning. It will only need a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaning solution to keep the car clean and look brand new for the life of the nano-coating.

Longevity is a promise of the ceramic coating in San Diego. With proper maintenance and care ceramic coatings can last for up to five years, whereas waxes and sealants have a life span of two to four months. It is definitely cost-effective because a great IGL ceramic coating costs approximately $1,500 and though it is quite expensive at first thought, when further analysis is done, it will be realized that re-applying waxes or sealants four to six times a year will actually cost more, since waxing cost around $150 to $175 per application with a high grade wax. When compared, given an average lifespan of five years, a car can spend $1,500 for one ceramic coating application, while wax sealant application will cost an average of around $6,000.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

Car Paint Protection

Based on all the advantages, is ceramic car coating worth it, yes!!! Car Coatings are absolutely worth it and is an investment that will pay for itself over time. It is a promising, cost-effective and efficient coating method that encourages extreme paint shield that combats the daily threats of damage to the car’s exterior.

New technology is somewhat scary in some peoples point of view, but a ceramic car coating is undeniably worth it. Many people have ceramic coatings on their cars, and they love it because it keeps their cars in a pristine condition.

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