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Hey, Del Mar Auto Detailing!

November 22, 2019

Del Mar Auto Detailing… Here is what you need to know!

Auto Detailing Del Mar

Most people have heard of Del Mar Auto Detailing, but
they may not be aware of everything that is involved in this process. There is
a lot more to it than just cleaning the vehicle. There are several reasons why
having Del Mar Auto Detailing in
California is a good idea and these are discussed in more detail below. 

Del Mar Auto Detailing preserves your paint!

When the exterior of the car is taken care of regularly,
then the paintwork will remain in good condition. This will not only keep your
car looking its best, but can also protect your car from the elements. This
means that your car is less likely to pick up any scratches or dinks if it is
hit by some debris as you are driving. The paint will also always be sparkling
and this can make your car stand out from the crowd. 

Del Mar Auto Detailing maintains your interior!

Whenever you get behind the wheel of a car that has been
on a regular basis, you will notice how clean and fresh it smells.
This will always make it more pleasant to drive. Some Del Mar Auto Detailing
companies also clean and condition the seats of your car which can make them
more comfortable to sit on. Any passengers that travel in your car will also
experience the same benefits. 

Del Mar Car Detailing restores the value of your car!

detailing in Del Mar
improves the appearance of your car which means that
you could get more money for it if you decide to sell. It also means that the
car is less likely to have any scratches which could lower the value. When you
have your car detailed regularly any potential buyer will be able to see that
you have taken good care of your car and so you will be able to ask for a
higher price. 

When you are arranging your auto detailing service,
you may be able to ask the company to pay particular attention to certain parts
of your vehicle. If there is a list of services offered as part of the
detailing process, then you can ask for one of these to be removed if you feel
you don’t need it. Most companies will be flexible and this means that you are
able to get the exact service that you want. 

Many auto detailing companies offer a mobile detailing service and this can be very convenient. You do not have to worry about getting your car to the detailers as they will be able to come out to you. You can ask the company to come out to your home or workplace in Del Mar and they will provide you with a fast and efficient service.  

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Looking for Chula Vista Auto Detailing?

November 21, 2019

Chula Vista Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing Chula Vista

Chula Vista Auto
is a growing market. Chula Vista is the second largest city
in the San Diego metropolitan area. It is the seventh largest city in
Southern  California. There are so many
things to keep you busy from the time you wake up until you fall fast asleep.
You can take the kids over to Aquatica, Pump it up, and Living Coast Discovery
Center or you can enjoy a jog at Bayside Park, rent some jet skis and hit the beach.
Which ever you choose, you will want to look your best and that also includes
your car. You don’t want to be dressed to impress and your car end up getting
your best outfit  ruined. First
impressions are important if you are trying to impress. Remember that fact when
thinking about whether your car could use a good detailing.

Why Chula Vista Auto Detailing is Important.

Chula Vista Car Detailing is a very important part of
preventative  maintenance for your car.
Protecting the surfaces from too much sun exposure, and routine oil changes are
not the only preventative measures needed. Your vehicle is an investment and
you have to try to prolong the life as long as possible.

 There is another reason auto detailing Chula Vista is so important. Being on the coast going to the beach is a serious pastime. If you enjoy a good ride on the beach, you should make your next stop a Chula Vista auto detailing shop. Sand will not only help to rust your undercarriage, but it will break other parts like bearings. Saltwater will rust your paint if not thoroughly washed and waxed afterwards. Even if you do not go driving the beach very often it is still very important to detail your car due to the salt in the air. Every time the wind blows more salt hits your car. Salt also causes corrosion. If you don’t get it detailed then your paint job will most definitely suffer tremendously.

 As you can see auto detailing in Chula Vista
is a very important  part of living or
visiting the area.

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Have you Heard of San Diego Mobile Auto Detailing?

November 21, 2019

San Diego Mobile Auto Detailing

San Diego Mobile Car Detailing

San Diego mobile auto
company is the leading eco-friendly, effective and the
fastest auto detailing company in San Diego California. They help in preventing
any signs of aging by restoring your car to its original appearance. They have
professionals who are well known for industry leading mobile car detailing
procedures techniques and their products. They also have San Diego Ceramic Car Coating

Professional San Diego Mobile Auto Detailing Services 

At San Diego mobile auto detailing, they only use brands that
are trustworthy and are very well respected within the mobile car detailing
San Diego
industry. They have the best polishes, ceramic car coating, polishes,
sealants and carnauba car waxes. San Diego mobile car detailing has been rated as
one of the best auto detailers in San Diego for more than eight years. Their
main aim is to ensure that your car looks perfect with their paint correction
and restoration services.

 What San Diego Mobile Car Detailing Can Do for You!

Some of the detailing packages in San Diego include,
complete detail services, extreme detail services, exterior detail services,
interior detail services, mini detail services, premium detail services,
express wash services and hand wash services.

 San Diego and many other cities in the US are commuter
cities. Nearly, if not all eligible people have cars. Some of them are deep in
love with their cars that they consider them an extension of their self’s or
even their families. The challenge is that most people owning cars lack time to
keep their cars looking sparkly. This is where San Diego auto detailing service
comes in, who provide both interior and exterior cleaning solutions as an auto
. All the client needs to do is to contact the company, whether at
home, office or anywhere that car wash, waxing and pampering of the clients
wheels can comfortably be done. 

 The Final Word on San Diego Auto Detailing

The beauty of mobile auto detailing is
that one can comfortably manage his/her time effectively without any hassle
whatsoever. You can do part time job while at the same time enjoy the beauty of
travelling to a client’s location and polish his vehicle. This way, you will
get the satisfactory of accomplishing a job that you love to do by putting on a
good day’s physical labor, while at the same time enjoy the fresh air. Even so,
you’ll need the experience of detailing in order to impress your clients.
Additionally, experience handling different detergents and wax is of utter
importance. You must as well know what products to use in a certain vehicle and
which are not safe to use in a different vehicle with different specs. In a
nutshell, you should know and love cars very much.

 At San Diego mobile detailing services has earned
a high level of reputation due to their best services offered in the company.
They always offer high quality and reliable services to all their esteemed
customers. The reason why San Diego is well known is because of their thorough
cleaning of each and every part of your car. They have professionals who are
well trained thus you will not experience any damage caused compared to local
car wash machines. As much as  auto detailing might cost  a little
much its best as your car will be well maintained and earn more value every

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Are Car Ceramic Coatings in San Diego Worth It?

September 10, 2019

Car Ceramic Coating in San Diego worth it? Yes!!!!

Do Car Coatings work

A car is mostly perceived as a self-expression of the owner’s personality and style. Choosing a car that fits your character and you’re comfortable driving is very important, as well as making sure that once you have found the right car that will take you to places, it will have the protection that it needs to endure years of service you need it to.

Car ceramic coating in San Diego is fairly new, which makes it exciting and amidst all the questions and doubts regarding the reliability of this new technology, ceramic coating’s popularity among car enthusiasts and car shops cannot be hidden anymore. There are many people questioning the effectiveness of the nano ceramic coatings, mostly for the fact that it is just new and has not been tested or on the market for years like waxes and sealants have. But this new technology is innovative and is proven to be extremely effective at providing excellent protection to the car’s original paint and trim. The inorganic components of the San Diego ceramic car coating blend perfectly well with the car factory’s paint, leaving no space for dirt or any harmful chemicals to stick to the glossy surface. more »

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Why Should I Ceramic Coat my Car?

June 18, 2018

Why Should I Ceramic Coat my Car?

Should I ceramic coat my car

Is the question – Why should I ceramic coat my car?

You need your vehicle to look similar to the day you got it. So you painstakingly wash it all the time and you apply another layer of wax at regular intervals. No matter how much you take care of it by washing and waxing, stains and corrosives begin to appear on your car.

Imagine a scenario in which there was an item that could change this story; an item that would give security from ecological risks and make your auto less demanding to wash, while not requiring a rehashed application. more »

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RV Washing Tips – Best RV Wash & Wax Method – 2018

June 9, 2018


How To Wash Your RV

RV Detailing Supplies

Looking for tips on how to care for your San Diego RV? Want to know what the Best RV Wash & Wax methods? Just like your car, it’s important to take good care of your San Diego Mobile Home by getting it detailed regularly.  And also like your car, your RV is often made of a fiberglass-like material that’s coated with a protective finish.  This finish is frequently damaged when owners decide to take maintenance into their own hands or when they ignore maintenance altogether.  Take care of the investment you made in your RV and avoid the hassle of purchasing all the equipment required to clean a vehicle that in some cases can be as large as a house. Instead, have SoCal Mobile San Diego RV Detailing come out to your home and give your RV the treatment it’s been begging for since that ill-fated family road trip last summer.

more »

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The Best Ceramic Car Coating in San Diego

May 28, 2018

Ceramic Car Coating price

Certified Installer of IGL Ceramic Car Coating in San Diego

The provider of high-end vehicle surface protection, San Diego Ceramic Car Coatings is pleased to announce that they are the only Certified IGL Ceramic Coating Installer in all of San Diego. Ceramic car coating is a breakthrough automotive coating technology designed to provide high levels of protection between various engine parts, reduce friction, improve heat shielding and help increase wear resistance.

The water and scratch resistant, ultra-durable IGL coatings add long-lasting protection to a car’s exterior. Anyone who is looking to boost the overall appeal and extend the shelf-life of their vehicle can take advantage of this new technology. It helps cars look like brand new. This ceramic car coat in San Diego is able to achieve this by making the vehicle a lot easier to clean and more resilient than any other coatings available. more »

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Auto Detailing Gift Certificate in San Diego

November 19, 2017

Auto Detailing Gift Certificate in San Diego

Choosing the right gift for a friend or loved one can be a difficult process. Of course, you want them to appreciate what you’ve purchased, but you never know if they’ll truly like/use what you’ve chosen. Auto detailing gift certificate in San Diego will solve this problem completely. Everyone wants their vehicle to be clean and tidy. However, finding the time to keep it that way is an issue in most cases. Therefore, a detailing certificate is a gift anyone with a vehicle can appreciate and will definitely put to use. A car detailing gift card is not only a wonderful gift, it is practical and useful for any individual with a vehicle. Although complete details can be pricey, San Diego has many options and usually offers discounts when an auto detail gift certificate can be purchased. With this in mind, this gift idea is a win-win for both the giver and receiver. more »

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San Diego Car Odor Removal Service

November 11, 2017

Car Odor Removal in San Diego

Car odor removal service in san diego

The typical family car is prone to odors from all kinds of sources. This is mainly from the cosmetics, deodorants, pet urines, cigarettes, and vomit, to mention but a few! In case these odors are not dealt with appropriately and in a timely manner, the end result may not be that desirable. That’s why it is necessary to get to know them and the various ways and means of dealing with them.

These two subject areas form the gist of the discussion that follows. We will endeavor to explore the various types and sources of car odors, and how they might be eliminated.

For a start, car odor removal simply mean those processes and interventions that may be employed to get rid of the aforementioned odors.


Cigarette Odor Removal in San Diego

San Diego Cigarette Odor Removal

Cigarette odors generally originate from the smoke that arises from the cigarettes. Their dangers cannot in anyway be downplayed. It is an open secret that continued exposure to such odors may block the nose, harm the lungs, cause difficulty in breathing, and predispose the car occupants to the risks of lung cancer. more »

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Ceramic Car Coatings

November 10, 2017

San Diego Ceramic Car Coating

Waxes, Sealants or Ceramic Car Coatings?

Many vehicle owners see their automobile’s appearance as a reflection of the responsibility and care they take when presenting themselves. Similar to your clothes, posture, and attitude, your vehicle is an opportunity to display your best self when entering the public arena. As such, the choice you make in how to best protect the integrity and appearance of your vehicle matters greatly.

Car Waxes vs Ceramic Car Coatings

For some, the choice is carnauba wax. Seen as a cheap and easy way to protect your vehicle and give it a glossy finish, the downsides are often ignored. Lasting only a few months, the wax must be applied often and can deteriorate quickly under less than optimal conditions. Having to reapply carnauba wax can drive the cost of vehicle protection up over the lifetime of your automobile and leave it looking less than presentable when you want it to. This leads many people to seek a longer lasting solution when considering how best to leave their vehicle looking like new. more »

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