Why is Regular San Diego Car Detailing Necessary?

by / Tuesday, 20 November 2012 / Published in Blog

Protect the value of your vehicle with regular car detailing. 

Protect the value of your vehicle.

Car detailing is actually one of the most essential preventive maintenance measures to carry out in your vehicle.  Besides the traditional maintenance and day-to-day cleaning of the car, it is recommended that you carry out regular car detailing to protect the car from the damaging effects of exposure to the environment and prolong the lives of components and parts.  Each car is different but generally, a thorough detailing is necessary for all types of cars – new and old, small and big, exotic and cheap.  Some car owners argue that car detailing is very expensive, but this is only because they do not know, or do not understand, what they stand to benefit in the long run from the detailing process.  Here are some of the top benefits of car detailing.

Auto Detailing Benefits

1.     Car detailing is preventive maintenance

Car detailing involves getting the car washed and waxed – a practice that keeps the paint in an excellent condition which prolongs its life.  Detailing a car every three months helps protect the expensive coat of paint from road grime, harmful UV rays, acid rain and salt among other damaging elements.

2.     Improved safety

Dirty mirrors and windows are a health hazard because the reduce visibility, especially when the sun is shining.  Car detailing also involves removing all the haze that reduce visibility and clearing oxidized and cloudy headlights which improves the brightness of the lights.  Instead of rushing to replace headlights and tail lights because they are ‘dim’, maybe all you need is to detail your car.

3.     Restore and maintain the car’s value

A well detailed and presented car always has greater value than one with all the rust, faint paint tones and other undesirable aesthetic marks.  Car detailing is the best way to restore the value of your – albeit at face value – and maintain it there without regular paint jobs or replacing ‘eye-sore’ parts.

4.     Reduce maintenance and repair costs

Every car owner agrees that a clean car means lower maintenance and repair costs.  This is because detailing significantly improves the performance of the car and will eliminate the costly repairs and in the process reduce the costs associated with running the car.  Regular car detailing costs much less than it would to wait for the car to break down or parts such as seats, lamps and paint to wear out to replace them.

5.     Longer car life

Contrary to what most new drivers assume, engine breakdown and wearing out of major components such as the transmission are not the only causes of shorter car life.  Corrosion of the body, caked-on dirt, rusting and wearing out of seats significantly reduces the life of a car.  In light of this, it is good to carry out regular detailing to avoid instances of poor car performance five to ten years down the line.

6.     Detailing makes cleaning easier

Let’s face it, everyone wants to drive around in a clean car.  You cannot afford, and you cannot even have the time, to have your car washed at the car wash every morning before heading to work, you will need to do it yourself.  A well detailed car is easier to clean – all you need to do is wipe with a cloth and the shine and glitter will be back instantly.

Besides these benefits, regular detailing also enhances a positive driver attitude and gains them respect on the road and the car will have a fresh new-like feel and look.  Five years down the line, you will still be rolling down the street with a car that is as good as new.  If you haven’t been detailing your car, it is advisable that you do so every six months.