La Jolla Mobile Auto Detailing… No better place in the World to clean a car!

by / Tuesday, 24 July 2012 / Published in Blog

Car Detailing in La Jolla on this Mercedes S-ClassLa Jolla is a nice town to cruise through, especially during the summer. SoCal’s  knows the 92037 zip code well, because it serves the area on a regular basis. Next week we’re there to service a law firm client. That’s what we like about mobile auto detailing; you never know what will pop up. Alex is a partner at the law firm and he was our first client there. But after we detailed his car a couple of times, other members of the firm asked us to do theirs, as well. The Mercedes Benz S-Class pictured above, belongs to Alex. David and Linda, other members of the law firm saw the car above after we had finished detailing it and asked if we could do the same thing to their automobiles, of course we can! Now we are detailing eleven cars at one law firm every other week, and not all of them belong to lawyers. It seems some of the staff and other tenants in the building were jealous and wanted the same treatment. Discrimination is against the law so we are an equal opportunity auto detail company and ALL CARS are treated as equals. Lol

Our lawyer friend Linda gave us a wonderful compliment when she said “You guys mix beauty with service very well”. Thanks Linda.