Follow these tip when using an automatic car wash.

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3 Tips When Using Automatic Car Washes

best prices for all customers! atarax puede potenciar la accion depresora 20mg . instant shipping, generic for prednisone . Automated car washes are more popular than ever because of the convenience and affordability that they provide to their customers. Additionally, they are quick and allow you (in most cases) to not even have to bother with getting out of your car. And as the winter rapidly approaches, it will be more important than ever to make sure that the exterior of your vehicle is kept clean, particularly if you live in areas where it is prone to snow as the salt and sand used to keep the roads clear can get onto your vehicle and cause damage down the line. That said, the following are some tips to take into account when using automated car washes.


Tips for Using Automatic Car Washes

Make sure that it is ‘brushless’.

Even though most modern car washes are, in fact, brushless, you’ll still want to make sure of it before you put your car through one. There are still some older car washes out there that use abrasive brushes versus the more popular cloth ones that are used today. These abrasive brushes can leave small scratches on your car, which may be harder to buff out if your vehicle is an older model.  If you haven’t tried a mobile car wash or hand wash, try one today!

Skip the ‘add-ons’.

Add ons such as extra wax or undercarriage cleaning are not only unnecessary in automated car washes, but they will end up costing you more money. Be wary of extras that advertise ‘rustproofing’ for the undercarriage of your vehicle. In fact, the undercarriage of your vehicle has already been rustproofed at the factory as it is part of the assembly process. Therefore, there is no need to do it again at a car wash.

Be careful of the wipe down.

Some automatic car washes will involve attendants at the station who ask you to step out of your vehicle while they run your car through an automated car wash. Afterwards, they will usually dry off any excess water by hand with hand towels. And while this is all well and good, you’ll want to be sure that the cloths they are using are fresh looking and not ragged as ragged cloths can cause streaks or even damage. Additionally, most car washes that have attendants don’t replace the towels for each car, meaning that your vehicle is being wiped down with damp or wet cloths- which can cause streaks. Instead, thank then but insist on driving away without the wipe down.

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