RV Detailing & Wash: RV Paradise – Don’t Forget the Essentials

by / Thursday, 15 November 2012 / Published in Blog

Mobile RV Detailing That Comes to You

Taking a vacation in a recreational vehicle is an ideal way to travel around the country; you can sleep in your own bed every night and see a new destination every day. Even better — your RV comes with a kitchen, so you can eat what you want, when you want. Whether it’s your first outing in an RV or you’re a  true road warrior, it’s easy to let the excitement of your upcoming vacation distract you during packing.


While this certainly isn’t a comprehensive checklist for packing, we’ve laid out the essentials you need to bring to help you get on the road in comfort and style. Get ready to stock up and ship out on the adventure of a lifetime!

Basics for Vehicle Maintenance

Logging lots of miles on the odometer means you’ll have to perform routine maintenance. Be sure you’ve got your spare tire and all the accessories: basic tools; flashlights or flares; spare engine oil; anti-freeze; and windshield-washer fluid. It is also a good idea to keep your RV clean inside and out with some RV detailing & wash every once in a while. Long trips with the family can leave the inside dirty and the engine covered in dirt and gunk. Engine detailing not only makes it look good, but will help it last a long time so you can keep taking unforgettable memory-creating journeys. The benefits of engine detailing include removing and preventing deposit build-up and reduced risk of overheating and fire.

Insurance and Roadside Assistance

Are you covered if something were to go wrong with your RV during your trip? Contact your automobile insurance agent about your RV policy before departure to be sure you fully understand your coverage. It’s also a good idea to have AAA, or similar service, for roadside assistance. A little peace of mind goes a long way.


You’ll be living and traveling in close quarters so don’t forget to stay fresh. RV bathrooms are notoriously small, so pack thoughtfully. You only need one type of shampoo and conditioner on board. Don’t be afraid to over-pack essentials that will be difficult or stressful to replace, like specialty toilet paper.

Clothing for All Climates

As you travel across the country, you’ll be exposed to a variety of climates and weather patterns. Clothing storage will be limited, but you’ll still need comfortable clothing, gear for inclement weather and maybe a few dressy items. As the boy scouts say, “be prepared.”

Drinking Water

Water quality and taste will vary widely on your travels. Large containers of bottled water are far preferable to cases of individual water bottles that will inevitably end up strewn around the RV half empty.


An atlas is essential because it gives you a broad overview of an area that you just can’t get from a small digital screen. GPS navigation systems are wonderful, and you should have one of those too to help get you from point to point. There are also plenty of travel applications for smart phones that will help you find inexpensive gas, landmarks, restaurants and anything else you could need. Let your co-captain handle the electronics so the driver can focus on the road.


Pack games, movies, word puzzles and so on to pass the time on the road. When you’re parked at the campgrounds, you’re going to want to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. So pack a football, or a baseball and glove, to help pass the time and encourage some physical activity