San Diego Headlight Restoration

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San Diego Headlight Restoration and Your Safety

Fix my yellow headlights

The article provides all the necessary information regarding San Diego Headlight Restoration, their role in providing safety, why these restorations are preferred? How they provide services? What are the outcomes of using headlight restoration facilities?

Headlight restoration is directly related to your safety. The optical clarity can be damaged by the sun or other environmental elements. The light illuminating the road gets reduced coming out through oxidized or cloudy headlights. Headlight Restoration in San Diego ensures to save you hundreds of dollars while replacing your affected headlights. They are fast and friendly services with competitive pricing. They guarantee your satisfaction and provide services at your door-step. Weather conditions such as fog or heavy rains demand the performance of the headlights. The proper working of headlights ensures your safety.

San Diego Headlight Restoration really works?

How to restore my headlights

The plastic that makes your headlights will worn-out after some time. This is when you need the headlight restoration facilities. If your headlights are not shining well and not providing necessary light to illuminate the road, then you are in a quick need of restoring them. How to clean my headlights is a question strikes often in the mind of the driver. Headlights are the most important part of your vehicle to be kept clean. They not only give you the vision of the road and surroundings but also provide a chance for other motorists to see you. Headlights are usually made of polycarbonate plastic. This plastic is suitable to bear the drastic and harsh conditions of the road. It has a strong resistance to breaking that is desirable. This plastic has bad effects of the sun’s rays. This plastic is coated with an ultraviolet protective film to make it protected by the harmful rays of the sun. The yellow color of the headlights indicates the beginning of the oxidation process caused by UV rays. Headlight restoration San Diego provides a guideline to keep your safety by cleaning your headlights. 

Headlight restoration steps to follow.

Restoration of headlights demands certain steps to be followed closely.

Pick up the supplies

Make sure that you have got all the supplies you need. You can look for a headlight restoration kit in this regard. It consists of all the necessary materials required. There are many types of kits available in the market but they all perform almost the same functions. There is also an option to buy all the products individually that are present in the tool kit box. If you have got certain parts already then you can go for buying other parts to complete the range of products required. Some of the necessary materials re:

  • Polishing compounds
  • Paste wax
  • UV sealant
  • Blue paint tape
  • Microfiber towels

Cleaning the Headlights

You need to wash the headlight lenses with car soap and water thoroughly. Remember that you are required to wash the surrounding area of the headlights too. So, the tape can stick to it properly. The area should be cleared from all the uneven and unwanted dust particles. Washing is a very important step in the restoration of headlights. 

Covering with the tape

Before sanding the headlights, you must cover the area of paint and trim. This tape will block the complete headlights and will also protect the rest of the car. The sandpaper can damage the paint of your car that is why it is recommended to cover the area with the blue tape. While sanding, the paper may rub the painted area of the car. This tape will protect it and you will surely be glad to use it in restoration.

Sanding away the oxidation (Yellowing)

This is the main step of headlight restoration. It does not vary with the kit or any other individual material. Look for the most abrasive sandpaper available with you. For this purpose, you need to look for grit. The less number of grit will indicate the more abrasive sandpaper. You need to wet the sandpaper and the headlights completely. Rub the sandpaper in horizontal and straight strokes. Remember to make the surface wet while working. If the surface is not wet, you might scratch the lens through rubbing with sandpaper. This is a vital step for your restoration so do not hesitate to spend a plentiful time doing this. It is recommended to repeat the process with less abrasive sandpaper then. With this sandpaper rub in a diagonal fashion to achieve results. Then the final sanding will be done using the least abrasive sandpaper rubbing it opposite to the second one. You need to make sure that sandpaper and the lens should stay wet during the whole process. For this purpose, you can use a spray bottle or a hose pipe.

Polishing and waxing

This is the final step to take results. It will give you the fruits of your hard work. First of all, you need to dry your headlights, then take out a polishing compound on the microfiber towel. Rubbing the polish for more than 5 minutes is recommended. You can also use an orbital buffer for this purpose. If the lens is cleared after polishing, then you need wax to further make them shinned. Waxing ensures thorough cleaning and protection for the headlights. 

Using an ultraviolet sealant

During sanding, you have removed all your sealant in the headlights. So now you need to use the sealant again to protect the lenses. The function of the UV sealant is to keep the lenses from hazing. Wet the towel and apply the sealant in the form of large strokes. You may also find these directions on the restoration kit. 

Testing them out to get results

You need to check the results by testing the headlights. If they are not working in the right direction, then you need to do the entire process again. There might be cases when lenses are gone too far to get improved through cleaning, but in most cases, this whole procedure works successfully. Headlight restoration provides complete safety for the driver. 

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