Vehicle Pre-Sale / Trade-In / Lease Return

San Diego Vehicle Lease Return Auto Detailing

Detail my car before I sell it

Due to high purchase prices for new vehicles, vehicle leasing is becoming a very popular option. However, leasing has its own set of terms and conditions. Dealerships will hold you liable for any excessive wear and tear incurred during the time the vehicle was leased to you.

Upon the vehicles return, the dealership does a meticulous assessment of the vehicle. They can bill significantly high charges for excessive wear and damage; including items like extreme smoke & pet odors, stains on the carpets, scratches & swirls in the paint and many other overlooked items. This is why we always suggest San Diego Lease Return Auto Detailing before your lease return. 

Affordable San Diego Lease Return Auto Detailing Option

Don´t get stuck paying ridiculous dealership fees when SoCal Mobile Auto Detail & Wash can help. Call our San Diego mobile auto detailing service before your visit to the dealership. We can assist you with identifying any potential problem areas and offer an auto detailing service to address them at our very reasonable and affordable rates.

Selling or Trading-In?

detail my car before I trade it in

Looking to sell or trade-in your vehicle? Want to get top dollar for it? Then call our San Diego Mobile Auto Detailing & Mobile Car Wash first. We´ll help you get the highest return on your investment and put more money in your pocket. It´s important that your vehicle look its absolute best.