What is San Diego Paint Correction

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What San Diego Paint Protection is and is not.

Paint Correction in San Diego

San Diego Paint correction is the process of reducing or completely removing marks on the top layer paint to get a more and better finish. This process is also referred to as swirl mark removal or scratch removal. Note that paint removal can be done using two methods, ie, using hand methods or DA or rotary machines depends on the different grades of scratches or swirl marks. The type compounds needed for the job will also have to be determined based on how aggressive you need to be to treat the imperfections . A lot of people prefer to use a dual action polisher for this process to get the best swirl mark removal results or attain the best level of paint correction. Car paint correction requires extra care and use of the best tools, compounds and technician to correct the paint. After the paint correction process it is highly recommended that the car be coated with a Ceramic Coating for Cars. This will protect your new finish from obtaining more scratches, bird droppings, UV sun rays, oxidization and many other elements that attack the exterior finishes of our cars regularly. Please see our list of IGL Authorized Service Centers below for the best option for San Diego Paint Correction and San Diego Paint Protection.


Ceramic Coating On Cars
There are a variety factors that naturally affect the car paint hence altering its look. These factors include; Road grime, tar, and grit. Birds droppings insects and tree sap. Water staining especially muddy water. People may scratch the car when they brush against it wearing jeans or other rough clothing. If the San Diego auto detailing was not done correctly, and low-quality products were used with combination with an unskilled service provider swirls and scratches are likely to happen. All the above effects cause the car to fade and look dull due to the added swirls and scratches and rob the car of its original shine. As we all know as the car changes its look, its value also reduces and vice versa.With the new technology and use of the best swirl removal service, one can be able to revive the look of their car by eliminating all the scratches, and if the paint correction service uses the proper procedures, the car will get an excellent shiny and natural look.

How Does San Diego Paint Correction Work?

Swirl Mark Removal
Form the above diagram; we can see how the modern car paint is layered whereby the first coat which is clear contains the marks and scratches. The red dotted line indicates how polishing affects the clear coat. As you can see the polishing process causes some marks and scratches to disappear while others appear almost invisible from afar.The number of marks removed depends on the level of paint used and the removal method used. So if the technique is safe, then you may be able to remove a high number of the scratches without the fear of damaging the car.The process of paint correction service works by removing the tiny and microscopic marks on the car to give a smooth and radiant finish at the end. The process uses a combination of cleansers and polishes of different grades which are then applied to the car using buffing pads used for this activity. Each stage of polishing is carefully done with the use of unique lamps and paint depth gauges to make sure it is well done and give a good finish. Note that to get the best finish you need first of all to measure the state of the car before you start the car polishing process since this guides you in knowing what to do to improve its state. To achieve this, you need to invest in a well- experienced personnel who can see the changes that may be in the car and provide the best solutions using the best working tools as well. So if you are in San Diego, make sure you do thorough research to find the best San Diego car paint correction company to ensure the work is well done.It is important to note that machine polishing is ideal for older car models which do not have the clear coat.


One question that a lot of our customers ask is if the scratches will appear once we have removed them but the answer is no. Our paint scratch removal services are professionally done to ensure that they are entirely invisible. On the other hand, we are not able to prevent scratches from happening in future without Ceramic Car Coating.

IGL San Diego Ceramic Car Coatings

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