Mobile Auto Detailing San Diego Terms & Conditions

by / Thursday, 02 January 2020 / Published in Blog

The Fine Print

Mobile Detailing Q&A

Just a few things we like to point out before we get started. If you have any questions about our Mobile Auto Detailing San Diego services please let us know.

  • Being a mobile service we come to you expecting to have the following: An ample amount of space to perform our service, permission to be on premises if you are not the owner and a safe location as well as safe conditions to service your vehicle. If we arrive and the previous mentioned conditions are not met we reserve the right to reschedule the service at a later time/date that works for both parties. In addition there will be a $20 rescheduling Fee for our San Diego Auto Detailing services. 
  • Please have all personal items or valuables removed from the vehicle before our car detailing technicians arrive as we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. All items found in the car will be placed in a clear plastic bag and left in the car for your reclaiming.
  • By law we are not allowed to remove or replace car seats under any circumstances. We ask that our clients remove car seats and booster seats before we arrive. Should the car seat be left in the vehicle we will do our best to clean around the car seat but can’t promise your total satisfaction. 
  • Pet hair & Sand are two of the toughest items to remove from a vehicle with normal vacuuming. The removal of either element is not guaranteed with any of our San Diego auto detailing service offerings. However on most occasions we are successful at removing visual traces of both elements. We aim to please!  
  • When it comes to windows we are the best! But from time to time and depending on temp windows may have a film. Please allow the car to cool and then take a micro fiber towel and wipe the film off, if you see streaks.. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Our interior detailing services are absolutely amazing and are second to none in the auto detailing San Diego market place. However, we make no promises to being able to remove all stains or odors from vehicles. We aim to please so we will always consult you on what can and cannot be done in regards to your vehicles interior.

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