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Auto Detailing San Diego Shops & Services

San Diego Auto Detailing

Do you dread standing in your driveway with a hose and a bucket of soap slaving over your car in the blistering sun? Are you frustrated that you keep spending your hard earned cash on expensive cleaning products and not getting the perfect shine you desire? Are you tired of waiting in endless lines for a lackluster and overpriced automatic car wash? Fear not car fanatics, if you live in the San Diego area, there plenty of reliable Auto Detailing San Diego places to get your car professionally detailed. What exactly does a detail shop do? Well, a detail shop takes your basic car wash to the extreme for professional results at a budget friendly price. In addition to basic cleaning services, you can also pay a bit extra to have UV and paint protecting products added to prevent fading and peeling, keeping your car’s exterior and interior looking newer for longer.

What Auto Detailing San Diego Shops can do for you!

Auto Detailing San Diego shops offer a wide range of services starting from the most basic auto detailing packages which usually include: a complete and thorough cleaning of the exterior, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, tire detailing, and dusting and wiping of the vehicle interior. From there the service expand into higher packages or individual add-ons which often include: Extensive interior cleaning, full wax treatment, wheel polishing, UV protectant for trim, cleaning of carpets, mats and seats, leather conditioning, fabric and upholstery protectant, dash and console cleaning and UV protectant, and polymer paint sealant for painted surfaces. These are the basic services offered by most detail reputable detail shops, and with a quick call or visit you can find out if there are additional options like minor bodywork or electronic upgrades. Many used car dealerships also offer basic auto detailing services so if you feel more comfortable you can ask your favorite dealer to schedule you to have your vehicle detailed right at the dealership.

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