The Best Ceramic Car Coating in San Diego

by / Monday, 28 May 2018 / Published in Blog, Paint Protection

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Certified Installer of IGL Ceramic Car Coating in San Diego

The provider of high-end vehicle surface protection, San Diego Ceramic Car Coatings is pleased to announce that they are the only Certified IGL Ceramic Coating Installer in all of San Diego. Ceramic car coating is a breakthrough automotive coating technology designed to provide high levels of protection between various engine parts, reduce friction, improve heat shielding and help increase wear resistance.

The water and scratch resistant, ultra-durable IGL coatings add long-lasting protection to a car’s exterior. Anyone who is looking to boost the overall appeal and extend the shelf-life of their vehicle can take advantage of this new technology. It helps cars look like brand new. This ceramic car coat in San Diego is able to achieve this by making the vehicle a lot easier to clean and more resilient than any other coatings available.

“We value our customers and take pride in great customer service,” the San Diego Ceramic Car Coatings Company owner, Joe Seals, said.” “I started this company with the hopes of educating clients on the importance of protecting their cars from the elements and helping to maintain its value.” As the only certified IGC coating installer in all San Diego areas, the company is able to help vehicle owners obtain high-end solutions for automotive protection.

With over ten years of auto detailing industry experience, Joe Seals understand the main concern of many owners when it comes to protecting and increasing the value of their vehicles. For this reason, San Diego Ceramic Car Coatings now brings this innovative car protection technology to all San Diego clients. IGL coatings are very easy to apply and add a deep gloss to achieve a sleek appearance.

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Ceramic Paint Protecting For Cars is Amazing

With professional installation and service, this coating system will bond with the clear coat of the vehicle in order to create a long-lasting hydrophobic surface. Ceramic Paint Protection will also prevent water spots, dirt and any contaminants from adhering to paint, ensuring ease of cleaning and prolonging its life.

The customers of San Diego Ceramic Car Coatings are those who are interested in protecting one of their most expensive and biggest investments – their cars. The ceramic car coatings will give their vehicle incredible lifetime protection and help improve or even maintain its resale value. The water resistance and durability of this coating will also protect cars from extreme temperatures, oxidation, and corrosion.

Ceramic car coating is undoubtedly a high-tech coating with outstanding features and benefits. The possibilities are also endless when a vehicle owner is equipped with a premium-quality car coating that will boost the overall level of protection of the car. Ceramic coating San Diego protects the paint of vehicles from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, hence reducing possible surface oxidation.

Furthermore, the coating creates a chemical resistance surface. This means that ceramic coating can keep contaminants at bay, ensuring that they don’t bond with the painted surfaces of the vehicle. It dramatically lowers the surface tension, as well as prevents any environmental contaminants like tree sap, bird droppings, dirt, bugs and more from bonding to the surface. It is also important to note that all of the company’s IGL Ceramic coatings were mainly designed to improve the car’s paint reflective properties. This will certainly add clarity and depth to the paint.

San Diego Ceramic Car Coatings is the leader when it comes to state-of-the-art ceramic car coatings in San Diego. It continues to deliver quality services and ensure to exceed their customer expectations.


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