Ceramic Paint Coating – Paint Protection Coating For Cars

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Ceramic Paint Coating – Paint Protection Coating For Cars

Ceramic Paint Coating

Today we are going to talk to you about Ceramic Paint Coating For Cars. Waxing a car has to be one of the biggest dreads of car owners everywhere. While wax offers a car paint protection coating, it does not last long since it breaks down over time and requires another coat in a few weeks or even sooner in extreme climates. This is not only labor intensive it is also very expensive. The costs of waxing adds up to thousands of dollars over the life of a car. Thanks to advances in nano technology, there is an alternative to wax in the form of ceramic paint protection coatings. Ceramic paint coatings, or nano-coatings, offer a long lasting shine to keep cars shiny and new looking without the hassle of expensive, laborious waxing. These ceramic paint coating for cars are the best paint protection coating to date in that they provide a strong protective surface over a car’s paint that blocks out foreign substances that can cause damage and fading. The benefits of ceramic paint protection are many including a longer lasting shine, cleaner cars, and, since it eliminates the need to wax, they reduce maintenance costs significantly.

Best Ceramic Paint Protection For Your Car

Paint Protection Coating
Cars stay cleaner longer and are less expensive with ceramic paint protection. Although it is not visible to the naked eye, the painted surface of a car has many tiny pockets or voids that collect dirt and debris over time. The result is a car that continually collects dirt on its surface and gradually gets that dull look that soon sends the owner looking for a car wash or even a new paint job. As the name suggests, nano-coatings work in the realm of the very small, in fact, at a molecular level. What that means to a typical a car owner is that these small voids or pockets can essentially be filled with ceramic paint protection molecule by molecule. The result is a very smooth and even surface that resists being filled by dirt, road debris, particular pollutants and other unsightly substances that one may encounter. Even when the dirt comes in contact with the coating, it will not find a place to rest and will simply roll of like water off a duck’s back. This inherent property of ceramic coatings also will not allow contaminates to become a permanent part of the paint such that even wax will not be able to restore the car’s paint back to its original showroom shine. In addition to this vast improvement on maintaining cleanliness, it has the added benefits of eliminating the need for waxing completely. That is, most ceramic car paint protection coatings eliminate the need for car waxing for the life of the car. Not only is this an advantage in time and labor savings, it is a big reduction in costs over time. It is estimated that owners will spend up to $600 dollars a year for quarterly waxing. That means that over a 7-year period, one can spend around $4,200. Given the estimated cost of $1,500 for a premium ceramic coating, this results in a savings of up to $2,700. Add in the time it takes to get your car waxed and you do indeed have a real bargain and a car that requires fewer trips to the car wash.

How To Use Ceramic Protection For Cars

Ceramic Coating On Cars
There are basically three ways to get on the ceramic coating on cars. The car can be purchased that way, it can be done by a ceramic coating service or, for the do-it-yourselfer, a kit can be purchased. If the car is purchased with ceramic coatings it is generally about the same prices as having the service applied at a later date. As mentioned above, the cost is about $1,500. If one is handy and industrious, a ceramic paint coating kit can be purchased for under $200. This is quite a savings but it is noted that it comes with no warranties or guarantees and may not have that professional touch. For that kind of cost savings, many will be willing to take on the challenge. There are tons of “how to videos” available from websites such as YouTube, other auto enthusiasts and ceramic coating manufacturers. The process looks very simple where one fundamentally begins with a very clean car that is completely devoid of dirt of major stains. If it is a car that has been driven for some time without a coating, it is important that dirt and old wax is removed as much as possible with a reputable car cleaning detergent. Having done that, the liquid ceramic coating is applied to a cloth or sponge and applied in much the same way as one would apply liquid car wax. That is, one rubs the liquid into the paint back and forth across the car’s finish in equal and smooth strokes. It takes about the same amount of time and effort of waxing. The result is much better however as it will last much longer and eliminate the need for as many trips to the car wash or detailing shops. In short, cars will maintain a clean and shiny appearance longer and with much less cost and effort.

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