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Mobile Car Detailing in San Diego – Everyone knows that trucks and Jeeps are vehicles that take a bigger beating than most other types of vehicle on the road. So, it is crucial that the maintenance for these two types of vehicles be diligent and persistent.

The normal maintenance is to always keep the basic oil changes and tune ups. Every car owner follows those basic steps to keep a nice engine running smooth. Cleaning and detailing are also very important for vehicles to keep the paint job from fading or just getting scratched.

Now, trucks and Jeeps are an exemption to having maintenance done. Trucks and Jeeps are always in dirtier areas and work harder than most other cars. That means that detailing and cleaning should happen more often to keep the paint job immaculate. Heavy duty truck maintenance must also consist of keeping the moving parts greased up since they work harder than most cars. The same goes for Jeeps.

This is why washing tires and wheels on trucks and Jeeps periodically can help keep the moving parts lasting longer. It also keeps them from squeaking when driving in the streets.


Also, truck maintenance requires that all fluids for the power steering wheel, rear differential, and transmission oil be change a bit earlier than usual, especially when the truck or Jeep is getting a bit old. Remember, trucks and Jeeps work a little harder than most cars! That is if they are used like a truck or Jeep should be used.

It is also very wise to use additives for the engine to give it boost. Carburetor cleaners are also a huge plus, because trucks and Jeeps drive on dirt roads more than the regular vehicle.

As for bumpers, they just get beat up period! Like I said, if trucks and Jeeps are used the way they were designed to be used, the bumpers will get beat up. One way to go, is to add heavy duty ones for your Jeep or truck. Heavy grills can protect your truck and Jeep a lot better than just a regular bumper.

If you have a truck or a Jeep and drive them like a regular car, then the maintenance on them is the same as any other car. It is always wise to follow the vehicle’s manual!

In other words, if you have a truck and take it to work and make the vehicle work with heavy loads or if you have a Jeep and go four-wheeling with it in treacherous terrains, then follow the maintenance tips above. If you treat them like just regular cars, then the basic maintenance procedures should apply rather well. 

Special Thanks to Quan Thach for this awesome guest post.


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