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Before You Sell… San Diego Auto Detail

Did the endless holiday commercials featuring people getting a shiny new car inspire you to trade in your current ride for something more snazzy? If you are considering getting rid of the old to make way for the new car, you’ve got to San Diego Auto detail your car!

 San Diego Auto Detail and these 5 Tips

The following five tips can help you sell your current vehicle for the least amount of hassle and the most amount of money.  Assuming you don’t want to pass down your vehicle to your grateful teenager or trade it in at the dealership, visit a buy here pay here car dealer to see if you can get a good price by selling it to them. Before you go there:

Pretend You’re the Buyer

While we often overlook the dings and dents our cars have collected over the years, potential buyers will notice them immediately. The Kelley Blue Book article suggests examining your car like you are the buyer. Check out the tires, start the car and operate all of the knobs, and run the air conditioning. If something is not working properly, fix it, or understand that it will reduce the amount you can get for your car.

Clean It… Better Yet, “San Diego Auto Detail It”

Make the car presentable to the closest you can get to when you bought it. Vacuum up the hair, check the tires, empty the ashtray and get rid of the loose change and trash. Empty the trunk, check the fluids  oil, brake and windshield  and get the car washed and even waxed. Ideally you should call a Professional Auto Detailing Service to detail the vehicle for you.

People considering buying a pre-owned vehicle love to see plenty of photos of the car. Snap dozens of shots, including the entire exterior and interior of the car. In addition to giving potential buyers plenty of good visual information about your car, posting multiple photos also shows that you are not keeping any secrets about its condition.

Be Honest

Kelley Blue Book states, before you come up with a price for your car, take the time to do an honest assessment of its value. Many sellers think their car is a lot nicer than it truly is, and most buyers are pretty adept at spotting issues, so try to look at it with a neutral eye when judging any of its problems or flaws. The Kelley Blue Book website features a Condition Quiz that can help people accurately assess the shape their car is in.

Advertise Everywhere

And if you decide not to use a dealer to trade-in your car, sell your car yourself. According to Manheim Consulting, more than 11 million cars are sold to people from people every year. And nearly 40 million used cars are sold each year, three times the number of new cars.

Most private sellers post their cars online, according to ABC News. Free sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are great options. Since the goal is to get as many people as possible to know your car is for sale, dont be shy about posting For Sale signs in various locations. Hang them up at the grocery store, local Starbucks, and anywhere else that has a message board. Put a sign in the cars window that includes both your phone number and the asking price for the vehicle.

This article was written by Kosol Ros on behalf of Dent Finish San Diego. San Diego’s #1 PDR service provider!  


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